Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Dream Bathroom

So I know me and J haven't purchased a house yet, but I can't wait to make my dream bathroom.  It's probably my second favorite room in a house after the kitchen.  Well maybe it's my third favorite room after my studio and then the kitchen.

I have already made J look at bathroom fixtures with me at Menards.  We were there to pick up some lumber for one of J's amps, and I got distracted.  Well actually it's pretty easy for me to get distracted by bathroom or kitchen fixtures.  They're just so pretty.

We've both decided that we will put a whirlpool tub in what ever house we get (unless they already have one).  We both grew up with one and would love to have one again.  I would love one of those with the circulating air and the water jets, but that is just a dream.  So your standard whirlpool tub will do.  I looked at those this last weekend.  It was so nice to think that maybe someday I can relax in a whirlpool tub again.  Oh, how nice that will be.

I've also been looking at bathroom sinks.  I have the one I think I want all picked out.  I wasn't sure if J would like it because it's a little on the modern side, but he loves it as much as I do.

I mean look at it, it's so pretty.  I'm not sold on the faucet, but I'm sure we could find one we like better.

I just think this would look fantastic.  Now again, we haven't even put an offer in on a house, but I think I would go with this sink no matter what house we bought.  They have it in three different sizes, so depending on what size bathroom the house has, I can still go with this sink.  That's awesome.

When we were doing the open house thing this last weekend, we saw a bathroom that I fell in love with.  The walls were painted a slate gray and trimmed in white with a little white bead board behind the pedestal sink.  I fell in love with the gray walls.  That's so modern and clean looking.  I think I might be in love and I think I might go that direction when we move.  I like this magnet gray a lot.

I'm glad we went to that one open house*, the house was a lot smaller then we were looking for, but it was decorated beautifully.  The people that live there now have implacable taste.  I got some great ideas.  Also they had added crown molding to every room.  It looked great and it just proved my point that crown molding adds such a finished feel to every house.

So now I have my color schemes for the master bedroom, living room, and bathroom down.  Now just watch, we'll buy a house and I'll go in the complete opposite direction.   

*I'm also glad we went to this open house because they had a kitty and I got to pet him.  He was so pretty and well behaved, nothing like our two. 
And also this is not a paid post, boy do I wish it was, I just really love that sink.      

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