Monday, October 4, 2010

J's first day!

Well today is J's first day at his new job.  He finished up his week of training in Columbus, IN on Friday and now it's on to his first day of work.  He actually has a class today, so it won't even be like his first day of work, but close enough.

We drove in together today, and he seemed a little nervous, but I'm sure he'll be fine.  From what everyone tells us, the company is a really good one and is really good to their employees.  They are growing and expanding and have a great policy on diversity in the workplace.  One of the founders actually help organize the march on Washington with Martin Luther King Jr.  That's pretty awesome.  They believe a diverse work place makes for a better product and better marketing.  By having people working there from all different backgrounds, they have a better understanding of different cultures and countries, which is a great policy if you ask me (the company J worked for before didn't really seem to see it this way).  So hopefully J will enjoy it and I'm sure he'll be excited to be back as a design engineer, doing what he does best.  Okay, so I'm a little confused on what he does all day, he tried to explain and show me once and I looked like a deer in headlights, but I'm sure he'll enjoy it non the less.

In house hunting news, we drove around again and did the whole open house thing again.  We've pretty much got this thing down to a science.  We covered 25 houses, in only a few hours.  Like I said, we've got this down.

There were a few houses that we liked and wanted to add to our list to go see, but we still pretty much like the one we looked at a week ago.  The real estate agent sent us pictures of the new counters and sink in the kitchen.  I really like them.  Just update the floor to match and I think the kitchen looks great (and paint the walls).

We're going to look a few houses in the same price range and size and then look at this one again and decide if we want to make an offer, or keep looking.  I'm leaning towards making an offer because this house really does have all the things we're looking for.  But you don't know until you've looked at all the rest (okay maybe not all of them, but most of them).  The real estate agent is out of town on vacation this week, but as soon as he gets back we'll be trucking right along.  So I'll keep you posted.    

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