Monday, October 18, 2010

The Light at the End!

So I think we actually might be nearing the end of our house search.  After two more open houses this past weekend and what I think will be our last home showing this week, I think we're getting ready to make that big decision.  I think we might actually be ready to sit down and decide which house we want to pursue.  It's exciting.

We did two open houses this weekend.  One was a nice house, but needed a lot of updating.  And the basement had water damage, so we weren't as thrilled as we thought we would be. 

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But the other house we liked a lot.  It's in a nice neighborhood and has a lot of square footage.  It has a two car attached garage and a fenced in back yard.  It is a three bedroom house with 2 full baths and one half bath.  It has a wonderful finished basement with a bar and one of the full baths.  There was even a work room in the basement and a pretty nice size crawl space. 

It had a family room/den off of the kitchen and a beautiful deck off of that room.  The bedrooms were on the smaller side, but not tiny.  The living room was nice and roomy and had a large picture window that let in a ton of light. 

The house looks pretty nice, but it did have it's cons too.  The yard was tiny and a strange shape since the house was on a bend in the road.  The garage was small, really small.  There was no extra room in it at all, so no work bench or tool box would even fit.  And the house across the street had a front yard full of angel lawn statues.  And the largest con was the price.  It's a bit on the higher end of what we were looking for, but the sellers are motivated to sell, so we might be able to get it for a nice price.     

But even with a few of the cons, we have added it to the list of house we are interested in.  It's a strong contender for our final cut.  We have one more house showing this week and I think that actually might be the last one.  We've been through list after list of homes, and I think we've exhausted all the homes in our price range.  I really hope make a decision soon, I'm starting to get sick of looking at houses.  You know, I'm looking forward to the frustration/exhaustion from the actually buying process and the moving process, Yay buying a home (insert sarcasm here).                 

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