Thursday, October 28, 2010

One Step Closer!

Last night we met with our loan officer at the bank for a little check in and update on everything.  We had already been pre-approved to buy a home, so we were not really expecting anything out of the ordinary.  And there really wasn't anything.  We both have pretty good credit (J has almost perfect credit and I'm just on the verge of reaching the excellent status) and had been approved for far more then the price range we're looking in.  But we feel that we need to keep our first house a reasonable price and not get carried away.  Our loan officer was really nice and explained a lot of things to us on how everything would go on our closing day and what our next steps should/would be.  She has worked with our real estate agent before, so we trust that she'll be honest and up front with us, and she's already at the bank that we go through, so it's an added bonus. 

It's starting to get exciting and nerve racking all at the same time.  We're excited to buy our first home, but the stress of knowing that we might OWN a home soon is outrageous.  I'm pretty sure I'll never sleep a full nights sleep again, well at least until we get the house, and probably not for a while after that.  This is such a big step for us.  We're so lucky because we have one of the best real estate agents ever.  He seriously is fantastic.  He has constant contact with us and makes us feel like we're his only clients, which we know we're not.  I'm so happy we decided to change agents, it was the best decision we've made.   

And after taking this first step into adulthood, well I guess getting real jobs was the first step, but anyway, maybe we'll actually get married next summer.  You know one of those other big things adults do.  Who knows, now that we've stepped into the realm of adulthood, we might be making big decisions all the time. 

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Just Plain Tired said...

Buying a home, especially the first home is exciting. But one word of caution, while your real estate agent probably is very nice, they always works for the seller, not the buyer.