Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home Inspection!

Yesterday was our home inspection.  My nerves have finally started to kick into overdrive.  All I kept thinking was maybe the crawl space would be filled with mold or the house was about to fall down.  Things like that kept running through my head.  I was making myself crazy, like I always do.  J is so much better at taking these things in stride.  Nothing bothers him (well something do).

Our inspection was early afternoon, so that meant I had to take the bus from work, which isn't that big of deal, I take the bus everyday.  Normally there is a bus that drops off at the end of the block so I would only have to walk a few houses to get home (oh my, in a month it will be our home).  But that only runs at "peak" hours, so that meant yesterday I needed to do some transferring.  I wrote out my bus schedule on a post it not and carried it with me all the way.  Luckily, there were no mix ups and I made it there fine.  I had to walk about 3 blocks, but the weather is so beautiful right now, I didn't even mind.

But on with the inspection.  It went well.  There were a few minor issues, but nothing that would be a hard fix.  There were a few outlets that had reverse polarity, but that's not a huge issue.  J's dad could easily fix that (he's a maintenance guy for the county prison system).  But I'm pretty sure our agent is going to make sure the home owner has an electrician come out and look everything over.  Other then that it was just normal stuff you find in a home that is a little bit older.  There really wasn't even that much for a house that's 50 years old, I was pretty impressed.  

The inspection was a long, long ordeal, like 3+ hours long.  The inspector was extremely thorough and did a good job of explaining things to us.  He took pictures of everything, I'm talking probably close to 100 pictures.  Just to remind himself of the house and so if we had any questions in the future, he'd be able to look back and see.  I thought he did a pretty good job.  But who am I to say he did, this was my first home inspection.  So now we have to look at the report and decide what needs to be done next.  Buying a house is hard, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

And I mean look at what we have to look forward too, I'm sure the cats will claim the bay window as soon as we move in.  And the view is nice too.  It's such a nice tree lined neighborhood.  And oh so quiet.  Yesterday we were there before and after school got out and you would have never guessed there was a school only 2-3 blocks north.  It's amazing how quiet the neighborhood is.

I guess we should probably start packing some of our stuff soonish.  The current home owner already has most of her stuff packed up and out.  We haven't even started (except for my collection of boxes in the lab, if that counts).  I guess we're just waiting to make sure everything goes smoothly at the bank.  We still need to wait for the bank assessment and the underwriters to finish up.  So fingers crossed, I hope everything else goes as smoothly as it has been, even though I know it might not.  I keep reading about the housing market and the underwriters being so overwhelmed.  I'm a little scared that things will slow down because of the holidays coming up and everything will take twice as long.  But I'm staying as optimistic as possible.

So I'm off to "virtually" paint the walls in the pictures I took, gotta love technology.           

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Lauren said...

The home inspection is a big thing...if you don't find anything too bad...the rest is just time to get all the paperwork done. Good luck and happy home buying!