Thursday, November 18, 2010


Disclaimer: I hate, hate, hate to paint.  The actual process of painting bores me in about 5 min.  I get really psyched up about it and then I'm already done before a single wall is painted.  BUT, I do love to pick out the paint colors.  I love all those wonderful little chips of paint in all those wonderful colors.  That's the best part about painting. 

So me and J have started to seriously start thinking about painting.  Because we close in the morning and J has to go back to work afterward, I thought I might volunteer my time to start painting our walls.  I mean that really would be the best time to paint.  There will be absolutely nothing in the house.  J can drop me off with my rollers, brushes, and paint cans, and I can get started.

So here's what we came up with last night.  Wait, quick side story.  I asked J if we could stop by the paint section of the store last night (we had to pick up some light bulbs).  He just kinda looked at me funny and asked why.  I told him my idea about painting after closing and then he asked what I was going to paint.  Ummm, the walls.  Oh and he had his sad face on.  When I asked him what was up, he told me he thought I was going to do all the paint deciding without him because I didn't think he would do a good job.  So after calming him down and letting him know he was going to be a full part of the process, we headed over to the paint section.

And THIS is what we came up with.

 Here are the colors for the living room, dining room, hallway, and kitchen (it's an awesome open floor plan). 

The walls are going to be a nice warm sandy brown.  It's a little bit more brown then in this picture.  Then the back wall that is behind the dining room table will be the nice rich red color.  I was going to do floor to ceiling curtains on this wall, but I think I like the idea of a red wall instead.  And J picked out the red color.

Then the trim is going to be the white and we're going to do nice dark, rich brown accents in the room.  We might even do a couch this color.

I think these colors will look beautiful with the nice blond colored floors.  And someday, the crown molding that will be around the ceiling.  I'm happy with the colors we picked.

Then the bathroom.  We went to an open house once that was the best decorated house I had ever been in.  Their use of color and style was just fantastic.  They also had an unbelievably modern bathroom, that J and I both fell in love with immediately.  So we decided that's what we're going to do with our upstairs bathroom.

The bathroom has wood paneling in it right now.  Just on the bottom half of the walls.  We were going to take all the paneling down and paint, but we decided we would first try to paint it and see what it looked like.  Kinda treat it like wainscoting.

So the bottom half of the wall will be white, and we're going with a nice semi-gloss to give it a nice contrast to the upper walls.  And the upper half of the wall will be gray.  But now we're not sure if we want to go with the light or darker gray.  We wanted to go with the lighter gray before we were going with the white on the bottom, but now we're not sure.  There will be a lot of white, so the darker gray won't be too dark.  I think we're leaning toward the darker gray right now, but I still like the lighter one.

I have to decide soon, the bathroom is one of the first rooms I want to get done.  It's so dark right now.  I would really like to freshen it up and make it modern.  Which color do you guys thing will look nicer?  

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