Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving is over and we have less then two weeks!!

Yup, we have less then two weeks before our closing.  It's pretty exciting, but still pretty stressful.  I'm finding it harder to concentrate at work.  My thoughts always seem to wander off and my mind starts thinking about how long it will take me to paint and what color sofa we should get.  I'm also thinking about how no one's getting Christmas gifts from us, we bought ourselves a house and now need furniture to go in it.  Oh well, I'm sure everyone will understand. 

We accomplished a lot this last week.  Our Thanksgiving consisted of sorting out all our crap in the basement and packing, packing, packing.  We skipped all the family events and just packed.  We did a pretty good job.  We got the basement cleaned out and the majority of our stuff in boxes.  I have one last little art show this Friday then my studio gets put in boxes and awaits the move just like the rest of our stuff.

Unfortunately our house is now a maze of boxes.  We have such a small town house that we don't really have room to put them anywhere other then in the living room and hallway.  So you just have to maneuver around everything. 

Nacho has realized that something was up last week.  It was pretty funny to watch that unfold.  She sat in the hallway and looked at the boxes, came into the living room and pawed at the stuff in there, then went back into the hallway to look at those boxes some more.  Then she jumped up on the couch and just stared at us with worried face for the rest of the night.  And this has sparked her nervous licking habit, so now she has four nakie legs.  This will now persist until long after the move.  Hopefully it won't take her too long to settle into the new place.  It took her almost a year to get over the fact that the dog was a permanent resident.

I also had a unfortunately meeting with our basement stairs on Thanksgiving.  The stairs felt that it would only be fitting if I tripped and fell down.  The only problem was that I was holding a large empty box in one hand and a little pug in the other.  So my shins and left hand did the trick and stopped me from dropping the pug and falling down myself.  Now I'm in a festive wrist brace.  You just don't realize how much you use your left hand until you don't have full mobility of it.  Luckily that's all that came from that fall.  A broken pug would have really ruined my day.

So far we're on track.  We have the kitchen and bedroom left to pack.  Everything else is done.  I'm proud of how hard we worked, even if J got distracted by Gran Turismo 5 a few times.  Now I just have to convince myself to stop daydreaming and get back to work.  ;-)

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