Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maybe we should get ready to move soon...

So our official "OK" came back yesterday from the bank.  That means we will be homeowners in just a few short weeks.  Crazy.  I was so excited yesterday at work that I pretty much ran around telling anyone that would listen.  I'm sure I annoyed quite a few people.  I was just so happy and excited to get the official word.  I wanted to go to Babcock Dairy Hall and get a Brownie Boat Sundae to celebrate.  If you're not from Madison, WI, you have no idea what Babcock is, but I'll learn you, it's okay.  Babcock is well, you probably can guess, the university's dairy hall where they teach the little kiddies about making dairy products.  And the most exciting part, they have a dairy store where you can buy all the wonderful dairy products that make WI such a great palce.  They have milk and cheese and of course, ICE CREAM.  And this ice cream is fantastic, especially the super premium.  And then they have this thing called a brownie boat sundae, and yes it's exactly what it sounds like.  It's a massive tray filled with two warm brownies, 4 scoops of what ever flavor ice cream you want (and we're talking WI sized scoops here), real whip cream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, and cherries.  There might be more on there, but I can't remember much before the sugar comma set in last time.  And yes, I know from experience, this is not a one person sundae.  I wish I took a picture the last time I got one.  It's beautiful.     

Wow, I got a little side tracked there.  I can't help it, I'm pretty passionate about my dairy, especially, ice cream.  But enough about ice cream sundaes and back to the important things (even though I feel ice cream is pretty important).    

Back to house related things.  We got word that all the updates we requested on the house have been done.  We have to call the utilities company, decide on a specific time for closing, and let our landlords know we'll be leaving soon.  But other then that, I think we're good to go.

Oh wait, I think there is something we're forgetting.  Hmmmmm, yeah, I'm pretty sure we might be forgetting something.  Oh yeah, we ACTUALLY need to move in a few weeks.  Translation, we should probably start packing soon.

Yup, we haven't even started to pack, not even one little box.  I think we might run into a problem if we don't start soon.

Here are all the boxes that I've collected at work so far, ignore the liquid nitrogen dewar, that's not part of the packing material.  Unless we needed to move something really cold, no, no I don't think we'll need it.  But back to the boxes, I've collected a nice amount of boxes for us to get started packing.  The problem with them is, they are still sitting in my lab.  I haven't even brought them home yet.

I know, I know, we're a little behind on that.  We've just been so busy with everything else that we've sort of forgot about the whole packing thing.  And any free time we might have, we don't want to do anything physical.  We just want to veg out on the couch.  But we need to keep reminding ourselves that there will be no vegging until we move and get settled in.  After all of that we can just lounge on the couch.    

And just because I'm still stuck on the earlier subject, anyone want to join me at Babcock for a Brownie Boat Sundae?  


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

That sundae sounds divine!

We waited until the last minute to pack everything when we moved here. I just could not get motivated!

Three Fates said...

The sundae IS divine. I'll have to get pictures the next time I get one.

I hear you about the motivation. I just want to move in and make it our home, not pack all my shit and take it there ;-)