Monday, November 1, 2010

What A Weekend!

Oh Halloween, one of my favorite holidays.  I mean who wouldn't like dressing up and having fun?  I love to get dressed up and go out.  It's always a fantastic time (except for the time we got food poisoning on State Street, that wasn't as fun).

Unfortunately we haven't done the whole fun, dressing up and going out thing in a couple of years.

Last year on Halloween, we picked up little Yoda from the doggie hospital because she had a life saving operation three days before (at only 5 months old, what a little fighter).  Then we had to go home and monitor her for the next 24 hours because she had a few complications.  She was fine.  What we do for our pets!

This year me and J were so busy with everything else, we didn't do anything again.  We wanted to dress Yoda up in some ridiculous outfit, like a bumble bee or Nibbler from Futurama, and hand out candy, but we weren't even in town for trick or treating.

We were in Madison all weekend.  I went with J to watch him record his part to the Christmas album they're working on.  It was a long, long process.  I brought stuff with me to do, but I didn't ever get any of it out to actually work on it.  Why, I don't know.  The best part was the group dressed up as characters from StarWars.  The guy that was dressed up like young Obi Wan was spot on.  I am always impressed with someone that will grow their own facial hair out just for Halloween, that's dedication to the holiday.

That's not the only thing we did this Halloween weekend.  We put a bid in on that house!!  And after a couple counter offers, we got it!!!  OUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED!!!  We are now one step closer to becoming homeowners.  I'm very excited, but trying not to get a head of myself.  Things could still happen, and we could still not get the house.  I'm trying to stay level headed and make sure we get each of the next steps done.  I'm not going to fully celebrate until we have those keys in our hands.

Next on our list is to make sure to get the earnest money out today and call the inspector to set up an appointment.  And the agonizing wait for the bank and our loan approval.  Hopefully everything will go quickly and smoothly and before I know it, it will be our closing date.      


Carol said...

Well, you've passed bank inspection. Now you just have to wait for the house to. Lucky you!!
It will go fine.

Next Halloween, you'll be giving out candy from your very own front door!!

Three Fates said...

Thanks Carol.

Lauren said...

Way to go! Good luck with it all!!

Three Fates said...

Thank you Lauren!

alf said...

Best of luck!j