Monday, January 31, 2011

The Snow Storm of the Century???

So if you live in WI like us you're use to snow, a lot of snow.  You're use to long, bitterly cold winters, filled with snow storms, ice storms, and everything in between (we even get snow we're supposed to be hit with the "storm of the century."  If this snow storm will live up to the hype is yet to be seen.  I mean it's only Monday, but we're supposed to get something like 16-22 inches of snow by Wednesday (depending on where you live).  Blah, by this time of year, I'm sick of snow.  I don't really care for this impending doom that will fall from the sky this week. I'm ready for sunny skies and warm days.  Hell, I'll take a cold day with sunshine at this point.  But what happens if the buses aren't running on Wednesday?  Well I'm not driving to work.  If the buses can't make it, I'm sure as hell not starting up my car and attempting to drive to work with all these crazy drivers in this town (why do you think I take the bus).  So I've decided to plan ahead.  I've ran to the store and picked up primer for the woodwork as well as the blinds for the living room.  That way, if I'm snowed in, at least it will be productive.

Like I was this last weekend.  I took off Friday (furlough day, blah) to take the dog to the vet (so they could drain me of what little money I have) and to get some painting done.  And hell yeah, I did just that.  I woke up with a killer migraine, but did I let that stop me, hell no!!!  I'm that awesome.  I popped some Excedrine and got to work.  And look at what I did!!!  After 5-6 hours of painting, I got all of the first coat done and some of the walls got a second coat.

I was in love with this color before I put it up on the walls.  And now that it's up on the walls, I think I might run away with it.  It's so pretty and so cozy.  It looks great with the wood floors and oh did you notice, there was furniture in the room.  It goes exceptionally well with our new sectional that showed up Saturday morning.  Now just to get that woodwork painted.  And I know, all you wood lovers out there are having  heart attacks.  Is she really saying she's painting that wonderful woodwork?  How could she?  Well I've already heard it from both my mother and J's dad, it's not fazing me, it's going to be painted.  It's not the original woodwork, none of it matches, and some of it is that plastic, fake wood, so it's fine.  Take a deep breath and settle down.  Even J's dad eventually agreed with me, it will look nicer painted.

And speaking of J's dad; his parents came to be put to work for a little visit on Sunday.  The patched the wall where we took down the half wall, patched a few other places, and changed out all of the light switches and outlets.  Oh and the best part, they replaced the dimmer switch in the dining room, so now it actually works!!!  Romantic dinners here we come, okay,as soon as we get a table :-)  His dad is super excited about all these projects, I don't know if I can say the same for J.  He's just not the "handy around the house" type guy, YET.  He's like a deer in headlights when it comes to home improvement.  Who would have thought an engineer wouldn't be able to do this crap.

Me on the other hand have no problem with this stuff.  My parents have flipped houses and gutted and redone every house we've lived in (and here's the reason my mom's not helping us right now, she's busy re-building a house she bought last year).  This crap is second nature to me.  Yes, sweetie, there is a difference between Spackle and joint compound.  He'll learn, I know it.  Well I hope he learns.  He did tell his dad that he would just let me do everything because I already knew how to do it.  No, I think not boy, you'll be helping too.  :-)            

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Lynne said...

You are really getting a lot done! You may have said in an earlier post, but what color are you painting and where did you get your paint? I am about ready to start painting and am trying to decide on colors.