Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So busy and flustered, I forgot to add a title the first time around!!

So I feel like I've accomplished nothing here as of late.  Well nothing house related.  I've been busy with my beads and have gotten a lot of done with that.  I'm still waiting on getting my torch set up, but J told me I had to be patient and wait till spring for that.  So I'm waiting patiently.  I've also been swept up with all the political and civics related things going on here in WI, especially Madison.  I won't share my personal opinion on the subject here or how it effects me personally (and it does effect me), but I will say it's quite a sight to be downtown.  It's all we do lately, read and watch the news.  No matter what side you're on, or where you live, I feel it's always important to know what's going on, especially when it's so close to home.  Okay, enough with my lecturing about keeping up with current events :-)

I have been working on a few things.  We have all the drywall done in the living room (I got that baby finished on my furlough day this month) and we've started painting.  Just have the primer (and texture to match the rest of the walls) up, but paint is next.  We have half of the entertainment center up and as soon as we get the brackets, we'll have the rest of it up.  I've even started a few decorating projects.  I'm dying to start decorating.  We just need more furniture, but J seems to be lacking the drive to go our and find out.  So I've recruited my mom and one of my friends to help out.  I can't wait to start thrifting, it's one of my favorite pass times.  Ooooooh, I'm excited.  

I did pick up these interesting looking bottles a lab across the hall was getting rid of.  I'm not sure what to do with them, but I thought they looked interesting.  I though about filling them with something (rocks, sand, shells, etc.) but I'm not sure.  Maybe I'll just leave them empty.  Maybe I'll just bring them back to work and use them there.  Who knows, but you know me, I can't pass up something that looks neat and is FREE.  I'll find a use for them.

I also picked up some fun black rocks this past weekend for my square candle holders.  I think they look like m&ms from a distance.  Then if just makes me want some candy.  But I like them and I like how they look in the candle holders, now I just need a place to put these guys.  See what I mean, I need to finish buying furniture so I have places to put these.  ;-)

I'm working on a few other projects right now as well.  Well I'm not really working on it yet, I'm waiting for my tea stained coffee filters to dry.  But as soon as those babies are dry, I'll start working on my latest crafting project.


Tara Beaulieu said...

Good to see you back, I was beginning to have withdrawals, lol! Your progress has been motivating me to work on my own house!

BTW, If you're looking for ideas for your bottles, I recently reused an old bottle by covering it in twine (hot glue, wrapping it around the whole thing a la Pottery Barn and Ballard) I blogged it a while back if you want to see. So easy!

Three Fates said...

Thanks Tara. I'll try to keep up with posts better ;-)

I like the bottle idea. I'll have to try it out. I've tried a few other ideas as well. I love me an interesting bottle. Thanks for the suggestion. :-)