Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Goals 2012

I'm going to do this a little backwards this months because I didn't get the pictures of all our August accomplishes.  So I'll post our goals for this month before I post our accomplishes for last month.

I can't believe it's September already.  I feel like we were just scrambling to finish everything for our house warming party and now J's back in class and summer is almost over.  Summer really does go by too quickly.

But anyway, lets get back to our goals for this month.  We need to really tone down our goals since J is back in class, he just doesn't have the time to help me like he does during break.  But that's okay, we got a lot done over the last couple months.

Let's see here, what are we going to try and accomplish?

1. Paint the sun room
I had planned on starting this in August, but with the hot summer weather, it was put on hold.  Which is okay.  Hopefully September will bring a little bit cooler weather.

2.  Finish trim around the upstairs tub 
When we removed the wood trim around the tub we found quite the surprise.  The tub install was awful.  So instead of an easy take down the trim and install non-wooden trim, we ended up trying to figure out a way to fix the bad install.  This has proven to be a lot larger job then expected, but we think we can get it finished up this month.

3.  Install fan/light in upstairs bathroom
Our upstairs bath doesn't have a fan, which was one of the reasons we found so much mold in there.  We picked out a nice modern looking on that still needs to be installed.  But just like painting the sun room, the heat has held up back with this project as well.  No one has wanted to crawl up into the attic in the heat we've been having, and I can't blame them.

4.  Install new outlets and light switches in the upstairs bath
So with the new fan/light we need to add another switch to the bathroom.  Well actually we need to add three because the fan has a light, a night light, and a fan.  We also want to move the current outlets down a bit so that they are at a usable height.  This one will be done the same day we install the fan and with the help of J's parents, it should only be a one day job.

5.  Make Roman shades
I have been putting this off for months, but I need to just suck it up and make them.  It's now become a priority since we have neighbors again.  I don't want them peering into our bedroom, creepy.

6.  Finish painting trim in the our bedroom
This is one of those projects that I started over a year ago and have failed to finish.  But I have promised myself I will work on this while J is busy studying.  This will get done this month.

7.  Look for furniture for the sun room
We love our sun room, but with it unfurnished, it's not really usable.  We would like to change that.  So this month and the next I'm going to keep my eyes open and I'll be checking the thrifts stores as well as craigslist constantly.  Hopefully we'll find something be next spring :-)

8.  Get carpet for the sun room
Okay, maybe carpet, maybe hardwood, maybe tile.  We just need to replace the old warn out carpet that is in there.  So maybe this month's goal should be to decide on what we're going to install out there.  Hmmmm.

9.  Caulk the tile in the kitchen.
This is one of those projects that has been around for a while (you know, since we finished the tile), but we just haven't gotten around to finishing up.  So my plan is to tape one night and then caulk the next night.  I should be able to get these done easily after work.

10.  Prime and paint patches on ceiling in the kitchen
So I guess there is a trend in projects this month.  The majority of them are things that should have been finished long ago, but we just haven't done.  I patched the kitchen ceiling months ago, and we still haven't primed and painted.  Bad homeowners.

11.  Paint cafe table and chairs
This is going to be an easy one.  I picked up a cafe table and chairs at the thrift store a few weeks ago.  It's in good shape but still needs a little TLC.  The paint is flaking off and well, it's not really the color we're looking for.  So a couple of cans of spray paint and a nice weekend will take care of that.  

So it looks like we have a lot to accomplish this month, but really they are all left over projects from before.  They are those easy projects that seem the hardest to convince yourself to do, you know the ones.  But as long as I can get back into the swing of things, most of these should just practically finish themselves.  Now let's just hope I can stay motivated.

What do you have planned for this month?  Are your projects also dependent on the school year?

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