Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Coming to terms

So I have come to the realization that we are not going to finish up even half of this month's goals.  This will be the first time all year that we did not accomplish at least 90% of our monthly goals.  At first I was disappointed in us, but I decided that it was okay.  We've worked really hard all year to get things done around the house, so we should be proud of what we've accomplished.  

Now this doesn't mean that I'm giving up on this month's list.  I'm still going to try and get as many things done as possible.  Even fighting a second cold this month, I decided it was time to start painting the sun room.  The weather is changing so quickly here, that if I don't start soon, I might not be able to start at all.  So I suck it up, and got to work.  

Now this is a pretty bad picture, I didn't realize I had the camera set for the wrong setting until after I had started painting.  But you get the idea.  The sun room is covered in 1950s paneling.  It's such a nice room, but it's so dark.  We want to lighten that up a bit.

This is where I stood after a couple hours of work.  I know, you are probably like, you only got that much done in two hours worth of painting?  Wow, you are a slow painter.  Well not exactly.  Painting paneling is not the easiest thing in the world.  All the spaces between need to be painted with a brush because the roller won't reach in there.

I also decided to not tape each and every window.  The room is made up of 90% windows and I decided the time it would take tape them all off would be hours if not days.  And with my hatred of taping, I went ahead with just carefully painting each window.  This is working nicely so far, but is taking a little bit more time to do.

Now this is just the first coat of primer.  I will need at least one more coat, if not two, before I even start with paint.  I started painting with my water based primer, but I may switch to the oil based one.  It covers the dark much better and there is less leaching from the wood.  I'll have to decide soon.

Even with only one wall painted, it's so much more brighter in there.  I can't wait to get the rest of the walls done.  It's going to look so nice.  And if you were wondering, we're going to leave the walls white and paint the trim a color.  What color, we're not sure, but we know we want a little color in there.

So that's what I accomplished this weekend.  I also accomplished a few naps and a little shopping, but we're both trying to rest so our damned colds will go away.

What did you get done this weekend?  Did you accomplish any projects or did you take it easy?

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Duni said...

Actually our house in an ongoing project! We torn down walls, put up walls, put in doors, painted, added new floorboards. Now we need new windows. Ugh. It's exhausting!
Great job on the sun room! It's quite a tedious project, especially since you are painting over dark wood panelling. Our entrance was similar and we needed three coats of paint!