Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things just got serious

I've always wanted to say that.  Even if things aren't all that serious, they are a little bit more serious.  J's back in class, so he's busy with that and our housewarming party is over, so no more fun for a while.  Or not.  Last weekend was our last weekend before the new semester (okay, we get it shut up about school), and we decided that we've worked so hard and we probably won't get another chance until winter to relax.  But who wants to go anywhere over labor day weekend.  It's so busy everywhere.  It's not all that relaxing fighting the crowd.  So we opted for a little R&R at home.

We started our weekend out with some thrifting.  Even if it was move in, we thought maybe we would come across some furniture that would work in the sun room.  We didn't.  We didn't really find anything that exciting.  We did find this awesome A&W root beer jug.  I'm not sure where we're going to put it, but it was so cool we couldn't pass it up.

We also looked stopped at a few furniture stores to see if they had any patio furniture on clearance.  We didn't find much.  But I did find these awesome lanterns.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but they were huge.  HUGE.  And they were only $20, marked down from $199.  I begged and begged, but J just wouldn't let me buy them.  I guess he's right, where would I put these ginormous lanterns.  Sometimes he keeps my accessory buying in check, just like I keep him in check sometimes (like the motorcycle he wants, it's a long story I'll tell some other time).

We also looked at some premade bars.  They had a Guinness one that we both fell in love with, but we couldn't stomach the price.  But after inspecting everything they had, we decided we could easily build a bar.  I think we've proven we can build things (our vanity), so that might be a winter project for this year.  I think it's about time we start thinking about the downstairs.

Then on Sunday we ventured down to Taste of Madison, only to realize there was no reason for us to be there.  We can eat at all of these restaurants all the time.  So we grabbed some jerk tofu and pork and headed down to the Terrace for a while.  And after enjoying a few hours sipping local beers enjoying the lake, we got some Babcock ice cream and headed home.

And the rest of the night was spent "camping" in the sun room.  We set up the air mattress, covered it with blankets and pillows, lit a bunch of candles, set up my laptop for movie watching, made some root beer floats and popcorn (romantic, I know), and settled in.  It was so nice.  We were enjoying the nice cool night without the bugs and rowdy camp ground neighbors.  It might have been the best camping trip we've taken in years.;-)

Some of the candles we had going for our "camping" trip
It was so nice just spending time together, sometimes it seems like we don't actually get a lot of time just for the two of us.  It was nice to slow down, not worry about house stuff, friends, family, work, and school.  Just a nice laid back weekend.  Wonderful.

But now we're back to the daily grind and things getting serious.  There are still plenty of house projects that need to be stated and finished.  Luckily we enjoy working on the house.  It's one of the reasons we wanted a house, to make it the way we wanted it.

So how did you spend the long weekend?  Did you go away for one last vacation or stay home and relax?


Duni said...

We didn't have a long weekend here, but I love R&R at home :)
Your "camping spot" looks so comfortable and I'm sure it was very romantic with all the candles!
Great price for the lanterns - don't you just love a bargain!

Anonymous said...

Awh, that sounds like a great time! I love the "camping" trip on your porch. Makes your house seem a bit more special. Unfortunately, I was out of town. My aunt throws a party every year on labor day weekend so I was there. I'm really in need of a full weekend to relax at home!