Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Foods - Bruschetta Chicken

Woohoo, it's Friday again.  This was one of the longest, most challenging weeks I've had in a long time.  Between illnesses and plumbing problems to needy grad students, I'm ready for a little bit of a break.  Okay, I'm ready for a big bit of a break.  Glorious, glorious Friday.

Friday also means I have a new recipe to share with you.  And this is a good one, I think I say that every week.  Well these are my favorite recipes, so I could see why I say that.  This weeks recipe is for Bruschetta Chicken.

This recipe came out of necessity one night.  I needed to make something to eat and I had some left over Bruschette, thus Bruschetta chicken was made.  Now I don't know about you, but Bruschetta is one of my favorite snacks, and with all the tomatoes I have right now, we've been making a lot of it.

Enough with the talking, lets get started with it, shall we.

~ 3-4 Roma tomatoes, diced
~ Black olives, diced
~ Green olives, diced
~ Kalamata olives, diced
~ 1/2 Red onion, diced
~ Olive oil
~ Balsamic vinegar
~ Salt and Pepper, to taste
~ Basil and oregano, to taste
~ Italian Dressing
~ 3 Chicken Breast
~ Pasta
~ Romano Cheese

1. Marinade your chicken in the Italian dressing, set aside
2. Chop up veggies and olives and combine.
3. Drizzle veggie mix with a little olive oil and vinegar, just enough to coat. Add salt, pepper, basil, and oregano to taste.  Set aside.  You've now made bruschetta.
4. Cook chicken breast until done.  I like to pan sear them at the end for that little bit of texture.
5. Cook pasta.
6. Combine pasta with bruschetta and toss.
7. Place bruschetta pasta on plate.  Place cooked chicken breast on pasta.  Top with Romano cheese (or Parmesan or Asiago).  
8. Enjoy!

What a fantastic, easy, healthy dinner.  I make this for myself when J has band practice and it's just me in the house.  It's so yummy.  I also grilled up a left over pita and used it to sop up all the juices.  It was amazing.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend.  See you on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man that sounds good! Well, anything that doesn't come out of a box sounds good to me right now. Seriously missing the ability to stand for more than 10 minutes so that I can cook!