Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Recap

Wow, August is over already. It just seems like the months are flying by.  Maybe it will start the slow down a bit since summer is (almost) over.  Classes have already begun here on campus, so things are back to the normal routine.  J's back to class, so that means house projects will slow down, but school is much more important then remodeling.

But lets take a look at what we accomplished this month.

Made the vanity and installed the sink

We decided to make our bathroom vanity from scratch.  It wasn't the easiest project we've taken on, but it wasn't the hardest either.  We were finding it difficult to find a vanity we liked in a price range we were comfortable with, so what else could we do?  I mean the one we really liked was $5000.  Yes, that is three zeros.  We didn't have that kind of money in our bathroom budget.  So after two trips to Menards, we had all we needed for under $100.  You can't beat that.  And well, it looks amazing.  

Finished up the new coffee table

We picked up a coffee table at the ReStore for $25 back in July.  It was nice, but not the right color for our taste.  So after a little bit of sanding, okay, a lot more then expected sanding (completely my fault), and a little staining, we have a lovely new coffee table.  Not bad for $25.

Install all the trim in the bathroom

We had to replace all the trim in the upstairs bathroom due to mold.  But the good thing about replacing the trim, we got to choose a much more substantial trim that really stands out.  And then we went with a really thick trim for the mirror, which just looks amazing. 

Installed the new garbage disposal

This was one of the simplest projects we had this month.  It took J about an hour to take the old one out and install the new one.  He didn't even need my help.  It's so nice having a new disposal, and lets hope this one doesn't start leaking any time soon.

Painted the trim and doors in the upstairs hallway

This wasn't on our list of goals for the month, but I decided that since I was painting the trim in the bathroom I might as well paint the trim in the hallways as well.  It looks so much better then the stained, chipped, fading trim that was there.  It really brightened up our dark hallway.  J's parents were very much against my painting the trim, but have come around and admit it looks so much better then the worn out trim that was there.

Planed and threw a housewarming party

This was the best project we had all month, I mean who doesn't love a party?  It wasn't without it's troubles, but overall it was fantastic.   It was so much fun having so many friends and family in one place.  And the house went over really well.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and were amazed with the amount of work we have done.  And we ended up adding quite a few gift cards for our deck/patio fund for next year.  I guess we'll just have to another party for the christening our our new backyard. 

We didn't accomplish all of the goals we set for ourselves this month, but we got close.  We had a few "surprises" with the bathroom remodel, so that took up more of our time then we had planned.  But that's okay, we still accomplished so much.

What projects did you tackle this past month?  

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Anonymous said...

I think you all were very accomplished this month! And nice score on collecting those gift cards;) I'm wondering why J's parents were anti-paint the trim?