Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One out of three aint bad

So I still feel like my head is going to implode and my stomach has decided to turn against me, but I'm toughing it out.  I went to work today and I even biked in.  Which was probably a bad idea, a very bad idea, but oh well.  It's over and done with.  Now I'm regretting even getting out of bed, but when you're the lab manager, there are certain days you just can't call in sick.  :-(

But enough of my whining, nobody wants to hear that.  Let's move onto more important things, like how our little ol' cafe chairs look painted all pretty like.  While I was huddled on the couch waiting for death, J was outside taping off and painting the first color on the chairs.

Taping took a little while, but it was worth it.  Then he applied a coat of hammered bronze spray paint to both chairs.  Both chairs took one can of paint.  So, we'll have to pick up a second so we can do the table.  You can sort of see the hammered look above.  It was actually pretty hard to photograph.

We then let the chairs dry over night before painting the second color.  Also because it was dark when J finished painting, so he had to call it a night ;-)

After letting the first coat of paint dry, I taped off the seats and cracked open the celery spay paint.  See how we both worked on this project, yeah we're a tag team like that :-)

I really like the little bit of contrast that the colored seat gives the chairs.  It's a nice little pop of color and the celery is so pretty.  It's an extremely light green, but it will look so nice when the porch is finished.

Okay, so it's kind of hard to see the chairs because of the dark walls, but imagine the walls are white.

We still need to paint the table.  The table top will be the celery color and the legs will be the hammered bronze, like the chairs.  But then hopefully it will look more like a set.  If you look closely, you'll see that the table and chairs do not match, you have to look pretty close to see it.  We're hoping after they are painted matching colors, you won't even be able to tell the difference.

 Now unfortunately, I'm going to have to re-scrape the one chair with the pealing paint.  You can see in the picture above that the edges are still visible and need to be sanded more.  J said that when he removed the tape, it just pulled all the old paint off.  So off to Menards to get some sort of sanding wheel and then we'll have to paint again.

But overall I'm pretty happy with the results.  At least we know we like the colors together and the one chair did turn out really well, we I guess this wasn't a total loss.  Now we just need to finish up the table and redo the one chair and we'll be done.  So all that work and we only have one completely finished chair, but oh well.  That's how projects go.

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