Monday, June 24, 2013

All Mulched

I finally got my butt outside and finished up the driveway planter this past weekend.  I know it took me over a week to add three more bags of mulch.  What was up with that?  Well my insomnia was slowing me down.  But I'm feeling a lot better and I think I might be back to my old self.  So after my show this weekend, I decided that I needed to get my butt out there and finish up the mulch.

This is what the planter looked like for the past week.

Half finished.  And yes, that rake sat there all week as well.  I know, I'm quite the classy homeowner.

Well here is what it looks like now.

Looking pretty good.  It looks a lot better then it did.  And now we can plant our awesome arctic kiwi and then maybe by next summer we'll have some fruit.

My little owl looks so happy in his new mulch.  And maybe some day we'll fix that down spout, well we'll fix all the down spout.  Maybe after we paint.

Here are my happy front step herbs.  The bottom planter is cilantro, the middle is oregano, and the top are green onions.  And look at those awful those steps look.  We're hoping to fix those this year as well.

And because I haven't shared my newest addition, here is the new fern that is hanging outside the front door.  A funny story about this fern, Nacho freaked out after I hung it.  She actually hissed at it and then ran away.  For the rest of the day she would not come into the living room.  She's over it now, but it was kinda funny at the time.  Oh our crazy neurotic cat.

Anyway, our driveway planter is all mulched and now I can start planting.  Oh wait, we need to paint first. So many things to do.

So what did everyone else do this past weekend?  Finish up any of those half finished projects or did you start some more?

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