Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 2013 Accomplishments

Well It's that time again, to look back at the month and see what we accomplished.  I've been so bad at updating the blog this month because of my crazy work schedule.  (I've been working 5:00am-12:00pm and then back at 4:00pm-7:00pm)  But fear not, we have been busy.  We've accomplished a lot so far this summer, I know it's not officially summer yet.

So let's see what we set as our goals and how many of them we accomplished.

1.  Install lights over the bar

Not Done.  So we bought really cool lights, but unfortunately  we have not installed them yet.  We took most of the month trying to decide where the bar was going to be and now that we've decided we have to figure out how to install them in a dropped ceiling.  So the will be in soon, hopefully.

2.  Clean up the back yard

Done!!  Well, we still have three very large pieces of the tree in the back yard, but everything else has been cut up and stacked in the back of the yard ready for summer fires.  We are thinking about make benches with the large pieces, but we're not sure yet.  You'll have to stay tuned for that.  

3.  Plant some flowers

Done!!  The flowers in the front and back of the house are in.  Now I'm just waiting for them to fill out and look lovely.  

We also planted some ferns that were gifted to use from J's parents.  Hopefully they will distract people from how bad that side of the house looks until we can paint.

4.  Get the garden started

Done!!  Everything is planted in my garden and everything seems to be happy.  I have sprouts all over the place.  I can't wait to start harvesting.  I think my lettuce should be ready to try soon and I have even planted my second round so that I never run out this summer.  Yay, for gardens.

5.  Start designing the backyard patio/deck

Sorta Done!!  We've measured and decided on dimensions for the deck and even a shape and height.  Now the next step is to draw up the plans and make the appointment with the city.  I'll keep you posted.      

6.  Get ready for my first art show of the season

Done!!  So my first show of the season was canceled due to the weather, but we still got ready for it.  I have a new layout and new table cloths.  I've also added my new beaded paintings.  So in a week, we'll be ready for the next show, which is now the first show of the season. 

7. Finish the Bar

Done!!  We finished up the bar and we're ready to start serving mixed drinks.  Yum!

8.  Get a Grill

Done!!  We have finally bought our self a grill.  Which is awesome.  Now we can enjoy delicious grilled foods all summer long.  I think I see Friday recipes coming back.   

9.  Get a Fire Pit

Done!!  I am so happy we did this.  We were going to wait until the deck was done and build our own, but this little guy makes me happy. 

We've had a fire every weekend since we bought it.  It's almost as exciting as the grill. 

So that's what we've accomplished this month.  I don't think that list is that bad.  We have plenty planned for the rest of the summer.  I can't wait to get the back yard turned into a little oasis that we can escape in.  

What has everyone else accomplished this month?  Have you started outside projects or are you waiting till June?  Did you have to wait until the end of May to plant your garden, or did you luck out and have nicer weather?    

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Rose said...

Wow, what a productive month! We love owning both a grill and a fire pit so much. We just inherited a huge pile of fire wood from some friends who are moving and are looking forward to having lots of fires this summer.