Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time to Paint

Okay, so it is extremely difficult to see the paint color we picked in this picture.  But trust me, we've decided on a color for the sun porch.  It's a wonderful buttery yellow.  Not too yellow, just right.  I can't wait to start painting.  This room will probably be one of my goals for July.  To get the sun porch all painted and ready for furniture.

I will have lots of time this summer for projects, so I hope this blog will be filled with new DIY goodies.  I have to go down to part time at work for the summer because of lack of funding.  That's the life of a researcher that lives off grants, money is not always flowing freely.  But hopefully we will get at least some of the grants we applied for, so I'll be back to full time by the fall.

To tell you the truth, I'm not really all that upset about only working part time this summer (who would be).  I've been dreaming of a break for a while now, so this is just what I needed.  And hopefully, it's only temporary.  It will allow me to focus more on my etsy store and art shows.  It will also give me the opportunity to finish all those half finished house projects we have.

In a little bit better news (okay, having a summer break is pretty awesome news), J got a new position at work.  He'll be working in research now, something he's always wanted to do.  And the best thing, he won't be funded by grants, so there is less of a possibility for him to loose funding (but let's face it, that is always a possibility no matter were you work).  He starts at the beginning of next month.  I know he's excited, not only because he'll be designing new product, but because he gets to wear jeans to work.  No more business casual for him.

So this summer will be interesting.  J will be starting a new position, I'll be cutting back on my hours at work.  But I should have plenty of time to update this blog (hopefully more often then once or twice a month) and show you all of our fun DIY projects.

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