Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can you say productive???

So J and I are nearing that time of year where we are the busiest.  A ton of shows (art and music), a ton of birthdays and anniversaries, a ton of bike riding to do, a ton of new projects, and a house warming party to plan.  Usually as April and warmer weather creeps up on us, we're not sure how our schedules get so jam packed.  The holidays are always busy for us, but there is something about spring and summer that send us into overdrive.  Just this week J has two shows he will be playing at and one that we're going to support friends.  Then two more next week and one after that and of course the dirty thirty birthday party for J and his friends.  Then my birthday, our anniversary, and his birthday.  Well you get the pictures, just pure craziness here.

Luckily before all the chaos starts, I actually got a few things done this weekend.  And what am I most proud of you ask?  Well it's the fantastic pillows I made to replace the Cosby sweater pillows we had.  Here's a quick recap of the old pillows.  Not really our style at all.
They remind me of a Cosby sweater

And here is some of the fabric we picked out.  Oh so pretty.  I love the orange and red one.  It's so soft and silky.  It was pricey, very pricey.  Lets just say I've never been so happy to use a 50% off coupon.  But it was worth it.
Sooooo Pretty

And after what I'm pretty sure was a thousand hours, three finished pillows.  They have hidden zippers and brown pipping around the edges.  Hell yeah, I'm pretty awesome, especially since I hate sewing.  Absolutely hate it.  But now that we own a house, I better get use to sewing all the time.  Blah.
Soooo Much Better!

I'm planning on maybe making a few more pillows in red and then a few in a cream color to tie in the rug and accents.  That's the nice thing about this couch, it's huge, so I have plenty of room to fill with wonderful throw pillows.      
Looks better already (ignore the ridiculous mess)!

I got a lot more done this weekend, but I'm going to save that until tomorrow.  Now you have to come back :-)


Lynne said...

They look great! Don't you love when a project is completed and you get that great sense of accomplishment! Nice job!

randomcreative said...

Ohhh love the new pillows! The whole color scheme with the brown is great. I am not a big fan of practical sewing either...

Three Fates said...

Thanks Lynne. I'm so happy with them and proud of myself :-)

Thanks Rose. I'm really enjoying how the whole color scheme seems to be coming together. Makes me think maybe I have a little hope in the home decorating department :-)

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Very nice ~ Looking good! :)