Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No more peeping toms!

We finally got blinds up in the kitchen.  I am so happy, not that I was really all that worried about peeping toms, but I don't really want our neighbors looking into the kitchen and watching everything we do.  I like a little bit of privacy.

Hi neighbors!!!!
Since our house is an open concept, I'm going to continue the latte color into the kitchen as well, but I don't want to use the same color scheme as the living room and dining room.  I want a more natural looking kitchen.  We use to have these great bamboo rugs I got from Ikea.  They were so nice and if need be, I could just take them outside and hose them off.  Then we got Toonces, the cat from hell.  And she decided that they looked tasty and started chewing on them.  Long story short, I had to toss them out.  And I can't find them at Ikea anymore :(.
This one's blurry, but you get the idea

So I compromised and got some bamboo blinds.  They have that natural feel I was going for as well as a nice subtle green tint.  Now I can bring more of an fresh natural color pallet to the kitchen.  Don't those look nice.  They look so much better then the lace curtains that were up there before.  You know the ones, those lace doily looking things that I'm pretty sure everyone puts up when they are selling their house.  Every house my mom has purchased has had these up and now our first house.  I think the bamboo blinds win. 
Much better!
I can't wait for spring to roll around so I can start working on this room (J told me I had to wait until spring for my next major project).  I am just so sick of the blue walls (and ceiling).  It's time for a change.  The kitchen project will include the following; paint the walls, paint the ceiling, take down the built in cabinet and put up usable space, take down the "breakfast bar" and put in counter tops, replace the tile, stain the cabinets cherry, replace the lights, put up my pot/pan rack (gotta show off those beautiful pans I bought), add some arts, and I think that might be it.  Then someday add beautiful stainless appliances (someday).  So you know, a little project.  It's J's idea to stain the cabinets, and trust me, he won't budge from this decision.  I guess you win some and you loose some, I just have to pick my battles.
Babies are scary!!!

We also discovered that Yoda is deathly afraid of babies.  Yup, babies.  Our friends came over on Saturday for a bit and Yoda wouldn't go near their 8 month old.  She loves kids, but I guess tiny babies are too scary for her.  She would sneak over to him and as soon as he tried to touch her, she'd run to the next room.  Oh, our dog truly is the most intimidating dog on the block.             

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Brenda said...

Those bamboo blinds look very nice. I especially like how they cover the entire window. The curtains in our kitchen, only cover 1/2 the window and I always feel like our neighbors can just look in.