Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Couple Small Projects

So I'm sure most of you are like me, you're sick of winter and spring can't get here soon enough.  I know everyday that I look out side and see the snow I think that.  And every morning as I walk to the bus stop in freezing weather, I think about warmer days.  So I guess I've been thinking about spring and summer a lot lately.  Most of us in WI are normally dreaming of spring about this time of year.  It's just how it works here.

Most of my projects right now are pretty small.  First, because we made the decision to wait until spring to take on any large projects.  Second, I have another cold (seriously, could I go just one month without getting sick).

I spruced up my coffee filter wreath the other day with some flowers.  I just needed something that wasn't dreary and dark.  I needed to bring warmer weather into the house somehow.  So I went and raided my fake flower stash.  I just added a few of the fake flowers to give it a little different feel.  I used my U-pins to hold the flowers on, so when I get sick of these flowers, I can take them off and add something else.  It's great.  I use the U-pins for displaying my jewelry at art shows, but they really came in handy here.  I'm sure if you don't have hundreds (no seriously) U-pins around, you could use normal pins.   

It's a simple change, but I like it. The picture doesn't really show how pretty it really looks. I took it last night while it was dark with limited light sources. Maybe I'll try to get a picture when I get home tonight.

I got this idea from Thrify Decorating the other day while blog hopping (swing on over there to see how she made them).  It's such a cute easy idea, I couldn't pass it up.  I took Yoda outside with me to find a few sticks (which she's always up for finding sticks), grabbed my hot glue gun, and raided my fake flowers again.

It took me maybe 5 minutes to make these.  Unfortunately I have no idea where the box of vases is, so I had to compromise and use a Pom jar filled with rocks for now.  We'll see if when I get home tonight if they are still there; Toonces feels the need to eat anything that even slightly resembles a plant.  The best part about these, J actually likes them (sometimes engineers don't like things that aren't "clean"  That's the stupid term J likes to use all the time). And don't worry all that electronic crap (except the wireless router) will be put out of sight.  

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