Friday, July 20, 2012

Are you done with that bathroom yet?

I think I just might be done with painting the upstairs bathroom.  And boy do we like it.  The grey walls and white paneling look so nice and very modern.  A face lift this bathroom needed. 

I will admit that the white has taken me a lot longer to do then I had expected.  I should have done two coats of primer, but I got a head of myself.  I guess I figured the Kitchen and Bath paint would be a lot thicker then it was, so coverage was not the best.  I'm now regretting not going to Sherwin Williams to pick out paint.  Sad face.

But, now that I have about forty-two layers of paint up there (I actually think there are four), it looks bright and wonderful in there.  And I will make sure to go get the good paint, not convenient paint, next time.  I will also do two coats of Fast Prime 2 as well.  No more getting excited and moving on to paint before it's time.  See, this was a learning experience.

But anywho, back to the bathroom remodel.  We also picked up our new faucets.  We bought them before the sink came in because they were on sale this past week.  We decided to go with the brushed nickle finish.  We thought a lot about this and decided that that the chrome finish would stand out, but if all the fixtures are chrome, it might start looking tacky.   So brushed nickle it was.  I'm glad we picked this finish.  It will hide water spots and finger prints, and that's always a plus.

So tonight we'll remove the rest of the old toilet and install some flooring.  Yup, that's how we roll; bathroom remodeling on a Friday night.  Rebels we are. 

Always stay creative, friends. 

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Anonymous said...

I see it coming together! So nice:) But of course...I am a fan of grey- just painted all the living space in our house grey!