Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So close to being done!

We are so close to finishing up the upstairs bathroom remodel.  And when we're done with that, we're done with all major renovations (this year).  That means we can focus on finishing up all those small projects that have been pushed aside.  You know the ones, the ones that look so easy, so you say you'll finish them later, then you never get back to them.  You know the ones.

We have plenty of these projects.  All the little things that need to be done in the kitchen, bedroom, living room...well, you get the point.  There are plenty of them to keep us busy.  And with our housewarming party looming near, we should probably get going on those little projects.

But back to some bathroom progress.  This past weekend we installed the new floor and the new toilet.  It looks nice if I don't say so myself.

We have plenty to do still.  The baseboards need to be primed and painted, and oh yeah, cut to fit.  That's an important thing.  We also have to find some new trim for the windows.  If you remember, most of the original woodwork was full of mold when we started.  So most of it was pulled out and will be replaced.

And you may have noticed that a very important part of the bathroom is missing, the sink.  Well fear not, it came in last night.

Oh look at that, what a pretty girl.  Yes, our bathroom sink is a girl.  Maybe I should name her, no I better not, that's pushing super weird.  :-)

Since we now have our sink, we can start designing our new vanity.  We'll be making our vanity from scratch.  This will be an exciting experience for both of us. But we're sure we can do it.

This is what we're going for.

We really liked this one from Restoration Hardware, but the three thousand dollar price tag made us stop breathing for a while.  I mean we like how simple it is and how it's open, but I think we can make it for a tad less.

So I guess we should probably get started on that.  We plan is to draw up the plans this week and pick up the needed supplies this weekend.  Then we can start building that.  And hopefully the ridiculous heat will give up for bit so we can stain.  Hey, at least it rained today!

Stay creative my friends.    

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