Monday, July 9, 2012

Makin' Progress

Things are moving a long here.  Our bathroom remodel is coming along nicely.  We're still patiently waiting on the sink top to come in and we still need to pick out a new toilet, but we're getting there.

We picked out lights we think will work in there.  Since we're going for an industrial feel, we decided to look for some outside lights and this is what we found.

We thought that the had that industrial/factory feel to them.  And at $12 a light, they would be a lot cheaper then buying a set of lights that would fit over the 61 inch vanity.  We think we would need about 6-8, so that would run us about $72-96.  Not bad for lights.  We bought one to bring it home and see what it looks like in the bathroom. 

So what other progress have we made?  We took down the lights and the medicine cabinet.  Those will be making a trip to the ReStore so someone can use them in there bathroom.

And after taking down the mirror and lights we found a layer of wallpaper.  That quickly came down with a little mixture of water and fabric softener.  Yup, to take down wallpaper, just saturate it with a 1:1 mixture HOT water and fabric softener, and it will peel right off.  Easy Peasy.

Once that was taken down and the walls wiped down, painting began.

Oh my, that looks nice.  I'm so happy with the color we decided to go with.  It's so pretty.

Before we started with the woodwork, we scrubbed it down with hot water and vinegar just to make sure we got rid of all of the buildup from over the years.  Then a layer of Fast Prime 2, I love this stuff.

sorry for how dark this one turned out.

I'm at two coats of white and it looks like I'll need at least one more, if not two.  That's okay.  We figured that it would take a lot to cover up the old wood.  But, look at how different that looks compared to only a few days ago.  I can't wait to rip the sink and toilet out so we can finish painting.

Then on to picking out and installing new flooring.  That's our project for this coming weekend.  But there is a big likelihood that when we rip up the current floor, we'll have to replace the sub floor.  It feels soft in quite a few spots, so who knows what's lurking under there.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

And before anyone gives us a lecture on painting the oak in there, most of the woodwork had to be taken down and tossed.  It was covered in black mold.  We're hoping by installing a fan and sealing the woodwork (with paint) we won't have a mold problem in the future. 

Stay creative, friends.

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