Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Projects

I'm gonna take a break from updates on the bathroom remodel today.  One, because nothing has changed from yesterday and two, I'm sure you would love a break from updates on that room.

I thought today, I would show off a few of the DIY projects I've been working on.  I've been trying to add our personality to our house and get some decorating done.  Oh yeah, decorating.

So what have I been working on?  Lets see.

I made a nice little crocheted place mat with some light yarn I picked up at the thrift store.  It's so colorful and fun.  I'm practicing crocheting in the round, so this was a great projects to work on.  J was making fun of me for making a doily, but I don't think it looks like a doily, okay, maybe a little.

Right now this guy is under my faux cherry blossoms on the dining room table.  I like how it looks with the red wall.  It allows me to bring in some bright color that still looks nice with the bold red wall.  Perfect.  Will it stay here?  I don't know.  I guess we'll just have to see.

And speaking of our dining room table, I've been working on some new napkins.

I picked up some fabric at Joann's this past weekend that has some fun color in it.  Then I trimmed the edges in a fun bright turquoise.

Here are all of the napkins I made this past weekend.  I love how they are bright, fun, and perfect for summer.  We now have five sets of fabric napkins, no paper napkins for us.  And they are so easy to make.  Just cut fabric into squares and serge the edges.  Can't ask for an easier project then that.

I also made a few more pillows for the couch.  All the red was starting to get to me.  I know J loves it, but I wanted something a little bit more light.  I'm loving the new pillows.  They were just simple pocket pillows that took me about a half an hour to make three.  Not bad.

As you can see, it really brightens it up.  Now the couch feels a little less dark.  And as you can see a little pug has staked her claim to the blanket.  She actually has two of her bones in there.  She can't go anywhere without them. 

And if you may have noticed, we have a new coffee table.  Well, you probably didn't notice, I haven't shown pictures of the living room for a while.  But it's new.  And if the weather cooperates with me soon, I'll be able to sand and stain it.  And yes, it's already covered in J's stuff.  He was rewiring his stereo for his car last night.  Yes, in the living room.  I just let him do it, it's easier that way. :-)

But anywho, we picked this baby up at the ReStore East.  It's simple, yet is still interesting.  I'm going to sand it and stain it ebony.  No orange oak in this house.  But I have to wait for the 100 degree weather to pass, if it ever will, before I stain.  Stain doesn't like high temps, I learned that last year.   

What has everyone else been working on?  Any fun projects?  

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Anonymous said...

It's always amazing what a little bit of well placed fabric can do, no? I LOVE how the pillows really changed the whole look of the room. And your dining room looks really classy!