Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 2012 Goals

Happy 4th of July everyone.  I hope everyone is enjoying their time off and keeping cool.  We're supposed to be in the 100s today, so staying cool will be a difficult time here.

It's time to go over our July 2012 goals.  Our main focus for this month is get as much of the upstairs bathroom finished.  We're hoping this project will be less work then the kitchen redo, but we always expect surprises.  Who knows what is lurking under the floor or behind the current vanity.  We'll see.

But on to our goals.

1.  First off, clean up the downstairs bathroom
     ~ the downstairs bathroom was kinda a "men only" bathroom up until now, so it's gonna need some scrubbing.

2.  Scrape the ceiling in the bathroom
     ~ the old paint is chipping and falling off the ceiling, it needs to be scraped before we can prime

3.  Pick out a new toilet
     ~ We need to find a white toilet that is duel flush that will fit in our space

4.  Take down wood trim around tub (yes it's around the tub)
     ~ we need to take that crap down and put up some water proof material

5.  Find a large mirror
     ~ J wants a medicine cabinet upstairs, but we have decided to go with a large mirror until we find one big enough

6.  Prime and paint the walls
     ~ Everything needs to be primed and painted

7.  Replace the floor
     ~ The old floor needs to be pulled out and replaced with something nicer

8.  Find a faucet
     ~ We need to find new faucets for the new sink that's coming

9.  Find some art for the downstairs bathroom
     ~ hey if I'm gonna be down there everyday, I might as well make it look nice :-)

10.  Pick some veggies from the garden
     ~ okay, I can't control this one, but my tomatoes are covered in buds, so I'm hoping to be able to pick some soon.

So those are our goals for this month.  There are more then normal, but we have some time off, so we're hoping to get a bunch of these done during that time.  I can't wait to get the bathroom done.  Once we accomplish this, we will be done with all the major renovating.  Then we can focus on small projects and decorating.  Oh yeah. 

Happy forth!  And while we're all enjoying our time off, don't forget about what this holiday celebrates, the freedoms that we hold dear and remember all of those that have fought to make sure we have those freedoms.

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