Monday, September 10, 2012

200th Post

This right here is my 200th post.  I'm not really sure if that is much of a milestone, but I'm not one for turning down and opportunity to celebrate.  Cake for all.  Mmmmm cake.  Okay, is everyone done with their cake yet?  It's okay, you can finish it up while I ramble.

I wish I had something really exciting for this post, but I don't really.  I actually didn't even know it was coming up until I sat down to do a little weekend wrap up.  Oh well.  Maybe at 300 posts, I'll have something fun.

Anywho, this was a pretty lazy weekend (again, I know).  I have just not been in the mood for doing things around the house.  Okay, for doing anything.  I guess it's work.  It's been so crazy and hectic at work, that I get home and just want to crawl in bed.  But that's how the life of a researcher goes; one day you're running around like a crazy, the next you have nothing to do.  Le sigh.

We did put together our new patio table.  Look at her, isn't she a beauty.

Okay, she's a standard patio table, but she only cost us...wait for it.....$25.  Yes, you read that correct, $25 for a glass top patio table.  You gotta love year end close outs.

And the chairs were a gift from my mom, so our whole patio set up only cost us $25.  We would like more of a substantial set someday, but for now this is fantastic.  I love me a good deal

We are still on the look out for some furniture for the sunroom.  We have a few ideas if we can't find anything we like at the thrift stores.  We've considered getting a day bed from Ikea or even making something, maybe from pallets.  First I have to get that room painted, then we can make a final decision on what we'll do out there.

And finally while we enjoyed a nice bowl of Soba noodles, Yoda enjoyed some left over watermelon.

Oh she loves her watermelon.  She was nibbling on this for hours before we finally took it away from her.  I love having a dog that goes nuts for carrots and watermelon, it's so much easier to keep her in shape this way.

I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as Yoda's.  Did you get any projects done or enjoy a big ol' watermelon?


Goddess said...

Love the new patio set! I've been looking for one myself but wasn't sure if I'd be staying where I am, so I put it off. Now I know I am, so I'm going to go searching for end-of-the-season bargains too!

Duni said...

Hi Victoria!

Your patio table looks fabulous! What a bargain! I would have thought they came straight from C&B :)
The picture of Yoda eating the watermelon is so precious!
What a cutie :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely deal! I'm curious about that multicolored shed?? out there in the yard! And that is pretty cool that yoda loves her fruits and veggies! Congrats on 200!

BeadedTail said...

Great deal on the patio set! Hard to believe fall is coming but there's leaves on our deck too. Yoda and her watermelon is too cute!