Monday, September 24, 2012

It's finally time!

Since we are done with the majority of the renovations (for now), I have some time to work on decorating.  YAY!  I've been waiting for this chance since we moved in.  I've added things here and there, but never really sat down an planned out something.  It's so exciting.  I love decorating.  I even mulled around the idea of becoming an interior decorator, but we know how well I interact with people, especially difficult people.  I think I'll just stay in my lab for now ;-)

But I do absolutely love decorating for myself.  I know what I want, and I know how I want things.  Well, I think I know, sometimes I don't.  But that's why there is Pinterest.

I realized that I haven't shared any updated pictures of the living room with you guys recently.  (I didn't just go off course there, just stay with me, this is still about decorating.  It was just a poor transition.)  A lot has changed over the past (almost) two years.  Here is what it looked like when we just moved in.

We had just painted the walls and still had absolutely no furniture.  And there's Toonces in her spot.  She seriously never moves from there, I think it's part of the reason for her weight gain.  But I digress.

Then we bought our still marvelous couch.  I love our couch.  It's so comfy and inviting.  Our friend and dog sitter chooses to sleep on the couch instead of in the guest room, it's that comfy.

Then the entertainment center went up.  This baby is from Ikea.  You buy these entertainment centers in pieces, so you can customize them.  I looks like it belongs there.  I love it.  It holds all of our stuff and keeps everything out of sight.

Then we added the small side table from Target.  And you can see I had already started adding some little touches by this time.  This table is a temporary solution until we build one.  But it's a nice little addition to the room.

And this is what it looks like right at this moment.  Looking pretty good isn't it.  Now, I know grey is a really big color right now, and I love our grey bathroom, but I wanted something different in here.  Something that would warm up the red wall.  So we went with Latte and we love it, still.  It's cozy.

Above cabinet lighting - Menard's
Vases - Ikea
Candle holder - Thrift store
Lantern - Target (on clearance)
Flower pot - Hobby Lobby (50% off)
Wall candle holders - J's parents
Mirror - Thrift store
Lamps - Ikea
Various candle holders - Thrift store
Pug - Hobby Lobby
Amber jar - Work (ssssshhhhh)
Flowers - Micheal's (90% off)

And then we have this wall.  I love this wall because I love all of our pictures.  I get so many compliments on it when people come to visit.  And the best thing, it's a work in progress.  So when we find a frame we like, or a little trinket, we just add to it.

Lamp - Target
Negative reader (silver box) - Thrift store
Pineapple - Thrift store
Scent warmer - Thrift store
Books - Christmas gifts and J's test books
Basket - Gift
Frames - Thrift store
Trinkets - Thrift store

And then the wonderful couch.  I added some pillows, which I change out from time to time.  Pillows are so great because they are so easy to change and yet the really impact the room.  We also upgraded our coffee table from our cheep Walmart table.  You can see how I refinished it here.  

Can you spot the kitty?

Couch - Steinhaffels
Coffee table - ReStore
Pillows - Fabric from Joanne's
Tray - Free gift from work
White bowl - Thrift store
Rug - Target

As you can see, we like the thrift store.  We get A LOT of things for the house there.  I also get a lot of clothes from there as well.  I'm not ashamed of that, the one close to our house carries a lot of high end brands with the tags still on them.  It's wonderful.  I do love a good thrifty find.

So that is where I am with decorating our living room.  It's not done quite yet, but it's coming along.  I do plan on decorating for fall in the next week or so. Especially since the official start of fall was Saturday (I can't run from it anymore).  And I do have a fun little DIY wreath coming up.  Perfect for fall.

What have you been decorating lately?  Any big changes?

And just a funny little side note, the whole time I was typing this, I kept spelling decorating, decorationg.  Every single time.  Don't ask.      


Anonymous said...

Looking good so far! Isn't it fun to keep adding bits here and there to rooms? I feel like I've always got this on the brain when I'm shopping;)

Allison Shallenberger said...

I LOVE it, Victoria! I love the whole idea and style of your house. I know you've got some amazing inspiration, which I hope you could share to us. Have you thought about the lighting? You've got some good taste; there must be an idea of a nice lighting inside and outside your home. I suggest that you go for LED, since it lasts for a really long time. Also, studies show that the quality of light can affect people positively. Keep the blog updated! :)

Allison Shallenberger