Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bathroom Update #2

Last week I showed you some of the small things we've done to the bathroom since we've finished 90% of the remodel.  And as promised, this is an update of the 10% that we still have to do.  That pesky 10% that never seems to get done with our large projects (don't even ask if we've caulked the tile in the kitchen yet).

 The ceiling is bare, but we will be installing a new light and fan.  The upstairs bathroom didn't have a fan, so all the woodwork molded.  We would like to not replace the woodwork a second time, so that's where the fan comes in.

We picked it up a few months ago and it's been hanging out in the linen closet.  It has a nice industrial feel that will compliment the rest of the bathroom.  It also has a built in light, which will be nice because right now we only have the vanity lights.  It also has a fancy night light built in.  Will we use this?  Probably not, but it might be nice when we have people visiting.

And because the new fan will require three new switches, you read that right, we'll have to replace the singe switch (you see the pattern of how everything effects everything else).  We picked up one of  those fancy three-in-one switches as well as a double switch (this will be for the vanity lights) so we don't have a long line of switches in here.  I'm hoping that having five switches won't be overly confusing, though I'm sure it will be.  If you ever come to visit, just keep hitting switches till lights turn on.  You'll get what you're looking for eventually :-)

Yes, I accidentally got paint on this, but we're replacing it, so it doesn't matter :-)
And because we will be replacing the switches, we will also be moving the current outlet and adding an additional one.  The current outlet is on the one and only switch in the bathroom, so if the lights are off, so is the outlet.  That means my toothbrush only charges when the lights are on and we can't have a night light (which won't matter because the new fan will have one).  It doesn't make any sense to me, but a lot of things in our house don't make sense.  So if we have to do some electrical work, we might as well do it all at once.

And last but not least, we have to finish this up.

Yup, our tub is still unusable.  When we took the old molding down, we discovered that it was put in place to hide the horrid install job that was done.  So now we're working on fixing the job that was done.  This includes having to make a false wall above the back of the tub to install the waterproof sheeting (I don't know what it's called).  We also have to finish the trim piece that hides the fact that the tub was installed so unsquare (is this a word) that it sits a good two inches from the wall at the top, but flush at that bottom.  It's a mess.  We plan on replacing the tub with a walk in shower at some point, so we just want to make what we have usable for now.  What a headache this has turned into.

Once we finish up the bathtub, we can clean up this mess.  Wow,that is slightly embarrassing to show you this.  Then we will be 100% finished with this remodel.  Now we just have to convince ourselves to do these last couple things.      

Do you do this with projects, finish 90% of them and then leave the last 10% in limbo?


Anonymous said...

Ugh...yes...those are headache 10% items! I do this too- fix everything cosmetically and then save the hard jobs for later...or never! It's really tough to find the motivation to fix something that the more you dig, the more you find wrong! I wish you good luck with it:)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Oh boy...don't get me started on bathroom remodeling! We bought everything to do ours last July...as in 15 months ago...and haven't even started! We have a new tub, tub surround, floor tile, colored grout, in-floor heat and shower doors all waiting to be installed! It's the only bathroom in the house, so I guess we need to hire a crew and go away for a long vacation to get it done :)