Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day One of Projects

Today is day one of my little "vacation" and during this time I plan on getting a lot of the small projects that we've been putting off done.  I know, it doesn't really sound like that great of a vacation, but it really is.  Work has been so unbelievably stressful the last couple months, I just needed a little time at home to do some of the things I love.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my job, but sometimes it can be more then I can handle.  For the sake of my sanity, I need this break.

I want to apologize for the picture quality.  It's is a dreary day and I was unable to get any natural lighting for these.  The perfect day to get things done around the house.  

It's been quite the productive day so far.  I've added a little more of that autumn feel to the house.

We picked up this candle holder from Bed, Bath, and Beyond a couple weeks ago for $10 on the clearance table.  Then I added a lovely candle ($4) and some leaf garland ($6) from Hobby Lobby.  It's the perfect fall centerpiece.

I also added the extra leaf garland to the top of the entertainment center for now. I kinda like how they look up there.  They give the whole room a cozy feeling.

I also finally got around to painting my little gourds.  I'm not sure if I'm fully sold on the colors, but I'm going to give them a chance.  I like the idea of adding the dark blue to traditional colors, so maybe they'll grow on me.

And speaking of painting, I am also working on getting the sun porch painted.  I know I started this project weeks ago, but it was put on hold when J and I both got that awful cold.  So now I'm back to it.

I'm actually taking a break from the fumes to write this.  The oil based primer covers so much better then the water based, but it is so much more stinky.

And for bathroom projects, I picked up this little guy at Goodwill for 49 cents.  A little coat of blue spray paint and he's perfect for the bathroom.

This morning, I also installed a shelf above the toilet in the upstairs bathroom.  This is another thing that I'm not 100% sure of .  I might want to raise it a bit, but I'm not sure.  I'll show you everything we've done in the bathroom next week and maybe you can help me decide where the shelf should go.

Well I should return to painting the sun room.  I have about half of it left to do and I'd like to get it done today.  Paint time!

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