Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hell yeah, I drove that stupid truck back last night with no problems at all.  I even pulled it into the gas station without any problems.  Yeah, I know I'm awesome.  We were talking to the guys at the rental place and they said that the trucks suck in the snow.  They just had to move all the trucks from on side of the lot to the other for the plow to get through and that took them 4+ hours.  I should have gotten a picture of it before I took it back.  I actually should have gotten a picture of it stuck in the road, but we didn't seem to find it as funny at the time.  But all is well in the giant rental truck world.  It's out of our driveway and safely back at the rental place.  Thank god that's over.  Now we can focus on more important things.

Like unpacking and painting.  We have made progress in that category as well.  We have the bathroom unpacked as well as most of the kitchen.  It's actually starting to feel like home.  Even the cats have come out of hiding and are exploring.  As for Yoda, she pretty much didn't miss a beat.  She's loving the new place and all the room.  So all is well so far.  Lets just hope it stays that way for a while.  :-) 

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