Friday, December 31, 2010

Bedroom - Day Two

The second coat of paint went on the walls the other day, and boy is our bedroom pretty.  We even got the bed moved in there so that we could sleep in a bed again (I've been sleeping on the floor because J always pushes me off the couch).  So a nice comfy bed always makes me a much happier camper in the morning.

The beds still on the floor because we have to pick up taller legs for the bed on our next trip to Ikea (we want to put some storage under the bed).  But I'll take a mattress on the floor any day to just on the floor.   

We still need to paint the trim.  I know we should have done that already, but oh well.  We wanted to see how it would look with the wood trim.  It's nice, but the last time this room was painted, no one thought it necessary to tape anything off, so now all the trim is covered with white paint (as well as the hardwood floors).  So the amount of visible paint is driving me nuts, so we're just going to paint it all white and be done with it.  We also are going to paint the dresser black in the spring.  That's gonna look awful nice.

Here's a  horrible, awful, who the hell did this, fantastic photoshop job of what I would like our bedroom to look like.  I actual would like to add crown molding too, but I forgot to photoshop that in.  Oh well. 

We're going to make a nice big fabric headboard (I'm hoping ours turns out better then the one I drew).  And the bed will be centered under the window at some point in the future, it's just not centered right now.

We also have these fantastic vases that will be going in the room as well as nightstands and some wall sconces next to the bed.  And of course some photo collages on the wall.  Then this room will be done and we can move on to the next one.  Which will hopefully be the living room.  Then we can get some furniture and actually live in our living room.  Boy, that's an idea.

Well I hope all of you have a fantastic new year.  I know we will and we have a whole bunch of projects lined up for this next years, so join us on our travels into adult hood and home ownership, it aught to be and interesting one.

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