Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Metro System

So I'm going to take a little break from talking about house crap today.  There really isn't all that much so share right now, we didn't do anything except get the appointment for cable set up yesterday.

But anywho, I would like to do some venting on how I feel about the city metro line.  I'm fine with it.  I'm more then happy with it, but it seems to me, not everyone is.  Most people seem to see the city buses as their own personal taxi service.  I just don't understand it.  The buses are a privilege not a right, don't go bashing them right now.

Our new house is a block and a half from a bus stop.  That is a huge plus for me.  I walk a whole block and a half, a bus picks me us and then takes me practically to the front door of the vet school.  How fantastic is that.  It saves me the money it would cost me for gas as well as the whopping $745 parking pass.  Oh and my sanity, because driving in this town in not really all that fun.  Some of the people here are insane when it comes to driving.  But I digress.  The fact is, I ride the bus for free (next year we'll have to pay a small fee for our passes).  It saves me a crap ton of money and I don't get all pissy and up in arms when the bus is behind schedule.

Especially right now.  I'm not sure if some of you have heard or not, but the Midwest is completely covered in snow.  And then on top of it, at least here, we're experiencing sub zero temperatures.  So that means any snow that didn't get completely cleared from the roads is now a pure frozen ice mat.  So everyone SHOULD be driving slower and more careful.  And that's exactly what the bus drivers were told, Be Safe and don't worry about being a little late!!  And I completely agree with this.  I'd rather the bus drive a little slower then me die because the bus ran off the road.  But as I found out the last couple days, no one else sees it this way.

There was a woman at the bus stop this morning just bitching away at anyone who would listen about how she felt about the buses being late.  That they were huge vehicles and they didn't need to drive slow.  They could easily pick up the pace and be just fine.  Ummm, okay, and that's why I don't like driving here.  That sort of attitude.

The buses are not your personal taxi.  They do not cater to you, they come when they come and just shut up about it.  It's not like it's a lovely summer day out and the roads are free and clear.  No, it's the middle of winter in WI, things take a little bit longer.  And even if it wasn't winter, the buses must obey the rules of the road.  They can get stuck in traffic just like someone driving can.  Shit happens.  Luckily Metro has a little up to the minute tracker that tells you when the bus is coming.  Just check that, it's pretty accurate.  I just don't see the point in getting on the bus and ripping the driver a new one.  It's more then likely not their fault.  Sit your ass down and enjoy your (more then likely free or discounted) bus ride.  And if you're late to work, take the earlier bus, it's that simple.  And if you don't want to do that, drive yourself to work, or call a damn taxi.  Just don't complain about something you won't be able to control.  Calm down and life will be a little better.  Am I thrilled to wait in the ice cold weather for the bus, no not really, but it beats having to drive myself.  And really, who gets that upset over a bus being 5 min late, life's to short to get upset over something that small.

Okay, that's all for now.  I'll share with you how I feel about the rude people on the bus some other time.  :-)

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