Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This is the Week!!!
So this is the week.  We have our closing on Friday and then moving on Saturday.  Holy crap, I can't believe it's finally time.  I'm ready for this.  I'm ready to leave the JC and not look back.  Well okay, I'll still go to the outlet mall there, they have an awesome kitchen store and a great tool store, as well as a Coach store (yes Coach handbags).  But I'll avoid the town.  It's not like it's a bad place to live, I'm just done living in a little town in the middle of nowhere without a grocery store.  And I've defiantly had it with the little monsters that live on our street.  I'll be so happy when they are just a fading image in my rear view mirror.  Monsters, just monsters.

But enough with that (maybe I'll share some stories at a later date).  We are almost completely done packing.  All that is left is the food in the kitchen, the sheets and blankets on our bed, and some odds and ends.  I'm proud of J for letting go of so many things this last weekend, the homeless shelter will be getting boxes of men's clothes soon.

Our house is a maze of boxes.  They are everywhere.  Nacho is so upset with the boxes, Toonces is pissed off because of the boxes, and Yoda is loving it.  I'm pretty sure that dog would be happy no matter what.  And I'm sure she'll think that we're going to a party (don't say that word around her, it makes her go insane, because she likes to party) for a while, then it might dawn on her that it's her new home.  Maybe not, you know what, she probably won't even notice we moved.  She's not dumb, she's just a happy dog that is happy as long as her boy and girl are around her.

So we're ready to go, and I'm very much looking forward to the Glass Nickle pizza I've been promised on Saturday.  Mmmmm, Nickle nuggets.  Num, num, num.    


Anonymous said...

Yay! A new house. I bet you cant wait until you are in and everything is settled :)

Three Fates said...

I can't wait Lisa. I'll be able to paint the walls whatever color I want and I'll have a real studio (one that looks out on the backyard).

Lynne said...

Good luck with the move, and congrats on the new house!

Lauren said...

Good luck with the exciting!

Three Fates said...

Thanks everyone. I can't wait to start doing some of the renovations so I can share the changes with everyone. But first I have to get through closing and moving first ;-)