Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The dreaded bathroom

There is one room in our house that I have not had the pleasure of sharing with all of my lovely readers, well there are a few rooms, but you get the idea.  This room is the upstairs bathroom.  The bathroom that is used 90% of the time (band guys use the downstairs one).  So without further ado, here is our upstairs bathroom.

Wow that was a little painful.  At first glance this room doesn't look too bad, okay there is an overwhelming amount of oak in there, but it's better then a lot of the bathrooms we saw when we were house shopping.  Let me break this room down for you.

First we have this, the peeling awful ceiling.  It has been this way since we moved in and is just getting worse.  Everyday I look at it and cringe.  It disgusts and angers me.  We have to do something and we have to do something soon.

Then we have the thing everyone notices when you walk in, the oak.  Now normally I would be okay with some real oak paneling (as this is).  We have it in our family room and like it.  My mom had it in one of her houses and it looked fine.  But this is too much.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has come into our house has made a comment about it.  And the comment is usually "when are you going to get rid of that."  Soon, very soon!

I mean look, there is even a wooden toilet seat.  I'm sorry, that's going too far.

And my least favorite thing is the wood trim around the bathtub.  It doesn't match all the way around the tub (different widths) and it molding.  And with my allergies, mold is on my top 10 most wanted list, or is it an unwanted list.  The trim is going!

And if we move over here we have our original Sears Co. vanity and mirror.  There was a matching cabinet over the toilet, but I took that out a while back to make the room more open and bright.  It's okay, not really our style, but okay.  It's going.  Yup, that baby is going to go to the Restore this summer.  We're building our own cabinet, watch for that DIY.  And we're also going with a double vanity.  We might as well use this room, we have it.

The flooring is also going.  We want a modern color pallet, and the crappy green and white floor doesn't cut it.  I mean look at how it was installed.  I'm hoping this was a quick fix to try and sell the house.

We have a lot planned for this room.  It's not going to be as daunting of a task as the kitchen, but it's our other major renovation.  We more then likely will have to tear up the floor and subfloor because we can feel a few "soft" spots.  And there is discolorization around the toilet.  But luckily this room is much smaller then the kitchen, so it should move a lot faster.  Yay for major renovations!  Make sure to check back soon for some progress pics.     

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Anonymous said...

Wow...that's a LOT of work, but you'll get there!!! For now just try to close your eyes when you use it!