Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nacho Kitty

I don't have a bunch to share today. I'm still working on small projects around the house. J only has 3.5 weeks left of class left, so hopefully more substantial projects will pick up soon.

I do have this adorable picture of Nacho.  I don't get a lot of good pictures of her because of all the soul stealing she does.  If you own a Tortie, you know what that face looks like.  So I was so happy when I was able to snap a cute picture of her.    

She is such a cute kitty.  And she is one of the best, well behaved cats I've ever owned, neurotic, but well behaved.  And look how adorable she looks.      


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Curiously, the resident tortie here, Binga, is probably one of the WORST behaved kitties my human has ever had. She is trouble with a capital T and always into something she shouldn't be. But like Nacho, she is hard to photograph - mainly because she does not understand the concept of sitting and posing. She always has to walk toward the camera that is pointed her way.

I am WAY more well-behaved.

Anonymous said...

Awh, lovely! I tell M all the time that we are lucky to have such great kitties- that it is hit or miss with cats. He doesn't believe me, but it's true! Sometimes you just get a crazy one!

Rose said...

How sweet! We are so lucky to have a well behaved cat, too.