Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday

I hope that everyone is having an enjoyable Monday so far.  I know Monday's can be difficult (I'm extremely exhausted), but don't worry, it's almost over.

We had some rain finally this past weekend.  This was a good thing.  Madison had a fire ban because it was so dry.  And my plants are happy again with a good dose of rain.  And luckily we were able to avoid the severe storms that hit most of the area.  There was lightning strike pretty close and the resulting thunder scared the crap out of everyone, but that was the extent.

Aside from a few rain showers here and there, the weather was fairly enjoyable for mid April.  Temps in the 70s are my idea of perfect.  If only we could have 70s all the time.  And nice weather equals stuff gettin' done.

We really did get a lot done, and that is why I feel so exhausted.  But hard work also makes me a happy girl.  Now lets see, what did we get done this past weekend?

I replanted my spinach seedlings in the window planter on the sun porch.  They should be safe up there, far away from the bunnies. Can you see the little seedling?  It's the little green guy in the picture.  All the rest of the organic material in there is from the wind and storms we had.  Now we just have to sit back and wait for delicious spinach.  Yum!

Yoda had her blood drawn for heartworm testing on Saturday, so we decided she earned a little adventure.  And yes, she was a huge baby for her blood draw.  She did get a blue bandage, which fell off in minutes of application.  Then she got to go to two different pet stores.  She's so cute, she has no interest in other animals or people, she just wants to explore.  And she got extremely bored while we were watching the Jackson camelion crawl around her cage.  She was pooped when we got home, so I guess it was a good day.

We also got the trim cut and up for the open shelves.  Look how nice and finished they look.  I'm in love.   Now I can't wait to get the shelves up by the stove.

And I added the little birdie picture and copper horse because the wall still looked bare.  I'll see if it stays that way.  And I picked up the little horse for 49 cents at the thrift store.  How could I pass that up?

We also picked up another wind chime.  I know some people don't like them, but we love them.  And the new on sounds so pretty.  And with all the wind we had this weekend, we got to listen to it plenty.  It looks pretty nice too.  Now our little bamboo guy has a buddy. 

And last but not least we picked up a compost bin at Menards.  J designed and made some last year for his community volunteer project and was planning on making us one this year.  But this one was too good of a price to pass up.  We figured we could use this for a couple years, and then build one in the future.  I'm so excited to have a compost bin.  I already have a layer of leaves and veggies from Saturday's dinner in there.  Now to try and be patient and wait for lovely organic compost to magically appear.  I'm gonna have one happy garden.   

What did everyone else do this weekend?  Was the weather as cooperative for you as it was for us, or did you get hit with some of those storms that went through?  

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