Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Cat Door

Well J and I are still sick, so home improvements have been slow going here.  Hopefully we'll feel better soon and actually accomplish something.  I'm back at work after a two weeks vacation.  Unfortunately a vacation where you're sick is just not that much fun.  But at least I got to rest a bit, sort of.  J went to the doctor yesterday because he felt so crappy.  I know he's sick when he says he's going to the doctor.  You know men and their "I don't need no doctor attitude."  Morons.  But the doctor sent him home to rest because he just has some nasty virus.  So at least he's not dying.  

We have accomplished a few things.  We drug ourselves to the home improvement store down the road (and yes we literally had to drag ourselves there because we felt so crappy) to pick up some crap we needed; more tape to paint the ceilings, door mats, wood floor mop, closet rods, etc, etc.  You know all that stupid super exciting stuff you need to do home improvements.

Look How Happy That Cat Looks!
We also got a cat door while we were there.  The cat's litter box is in the laundry room and we didn't want to leave the door open anymore (we had to leave the basement door open in our last place, and it just made the whole place smell like basement).  So our solution was a cat door.  They can have access throughout the day and our guest that use the downstairs bathroom don't have to look at our laundry room or their litter box, it's a great idea.  And the best of all, Yoda can't fit through it (she's too chunky broad chested to fit), so the dog won't be in there.

Now the idea sounds like a good one, but when you've got one OCD cat and one incredibly stupid cat, lets just say our plan is not really going that well.  Nacho will use it, she has figured out that to use the bathroom and eat (we put there food in there to coax them in there), she has to go through it.  And if she wants to leave, she has to come back through the door.  Now Toonces on the other hand, hasn't quite figured it out.  If i put her in the bathroom and close the door she sits in the bathroom and yowls like we're killing her.  If I put her in the laundry room, she yowls like we're killing her.  We even tried to help her through by holding the little flappy door open and putting her front feet through the door.  Well that resulted in her actually thinking we were trying to kill her and she went into crazy huge cat mode with the claws and the hissing and the look at me I can contort my body like I'm possessed by the devil.  We now have claw marks on the wall because of this stupid action.                  

This is Ours.  Notice, no happy cat!
So right now I have them both locked in the bathroom.  Nacho is pissed, I mean pissed like she might try to kill me in my sleep tonight (ha ha Nacho, that's why I don't allow you in the bedroom).  She has figured out the flappy door and wants out.  She has been banging on the bathroom door for about 15-20 minutes now.  I'm a little scared to go in there and see what is happening.  Toonces is just sitting in a corner yowling.  This will be an interesting day.  Our plan was to keep them in there a full day so they have to use the little door if they want to poop.  But cats are the devil's spawn magnificent creatures and I'm sure they will stay in there all day and not use the door, well at least Toonces won't.  And then when I let them out, the first thing she'll so is probably poop in my shoe or something to get back at me.  I seriously can't wait to see what drama this damn door causes.  It's bound to be an interesting day.  

*Cat door update!  We have removed the flappy door and this seems to have convinced Toonces it's not a death trap.  So far so good, we think!


Waterrose said...

Congrats on the house....I just read and caught up on your adventure! Good luck with the cat door...sounds like it will be a test of will. Happy New year and thanks for visiting my blog!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I've never been faced with a cat door. I can't even imagine how I would react - hopefully not as embarrassingly as Nacho or, Bast forbid, Toonces!

Three Fates said...

Thanks Waterrose. I always like stopping by your blog, you have such beautiful creations. Thanks for stopping by my blog and a happy new year to you too.

Sparkle, we took the flap off the door and now Toonces doesn't seem so afraid of it. And she says that you should hope your human never puts one up because they are evil. :-)