Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sofa Table

Today I was going to show you how the last little bit of the bathroom is coming along, that annoying 10% of things that need to be finished up, but I forgot to take pictures last night.  I know, bad blogger.  So I decided to talk about a small project we're hoping to work on this winter.  Okay, I'm hoping we're going to work on it this winter.  A much needed sofa table.

We have an open concept house, so when you walk into the house you are immediately in the living room, dining room, and are looking into the kitchen.  We don't have a foyer.  We don't have room for much of anything by the door and right now we have nothing.  This means that everything gets tossed on the dining room table and/or kitchen counter.  It's driving me insane.  We need a sofa table behind the sofa, next to the door and we need it soon.

Now our problem is the lack of space.  We only have about 13-20 inches of space to work with.  It's been a headache trying to find something that will fit into a narrow space, but is still long enough to make sense.

Our first thought was to look and see what Ikea had.  We found this one, which could work for the width, but it wasn't quite as long as we would like it.  Also, it's white.  Not a big deal, but if I'm going to spend any amount of money on something, even $200, I don't want to have to paint it.  So the search continued.

Thrift store after thrift store, and still no table that would work.  We even checked out all the local furniture stores.  Nada.

So after looking for ages we decided we would make one.  I mean why not?  Building our bathroom vanity really gave us the confidence to try and tackle a sofa table.  It can't be harder then a vanity.

Now we picked up this little guy at Target.  We love the simple lines and the color.  It goes perfectly with our style.

So our plan is to build a sofa table that looks a lot like this, but is shallower and longer, but we would like to mimic the X's, shelves, and possibly even the drawers.  Simple enough.

But before we could even get to this point...

Yes those are our highly sophisticated blue prints from the bathroom vanity.  Hey we both understood them and knew exactly what we needed to do.

.... I found this.

Isn't it beautiful?   I found it on the Ann White Homemaker blog (okay lets be honest, I found it on Pinterest).  It's perfect, it's a simple sofa table with X sides.  And the best part of it, Ann White has the step by step instructions for this table on her blog.  What?  Oh yeah, so now we don't have to start from scratch in designing a sofa table, we can use these instructions as a starting point.

Now I say starting point because the one above is a little too rustic for us.  We're looking for something more contemporary.  Which should be easy enough to accomplish.  We also need to adjust the depth of the table, but the idea is exactly what we were looking for.  I am so excited that we found this.  It's going to make the process a lot easier.

Now we just have to get our butts in gear and get working on this.  Well, we'll be waiting till J's done with class, or at least has a break (can you say Thanksgiving), before we start on this.  School always comes first.    Then hopefully by Christmas, we'll have a brand new sofa table.

Is there anything that you planned on DIYing and then found the plans somewhere, making life easier?

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Anonymous said...

And this begs the question (excuse) why not just look on pinterest first?? Looks great, hope you all enjoy this project!