Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Productive Weekend!

So this weekend was another pretty productive weekend.  I'm proud of all the things we've been able to accomplish as of late.  My body is aching this morning, but it was worth it.

I've gotten the hallway and the living room completely taped off and ready to paint.  So I'm hoping to get that done this week, before our new couch gets here.  I don't really want to get any paint on that thing of beauty, so I'll try to get as much of it done this week as possible.  Oh latte, I can not wait for you to be on my walls.  How warm and welcoming you will be.  And you may have noticed the abundance of light in the hallway.  Yay, we finally have lights up again!

We took all the old fixtures down when we painted the ceiling a wonderful crisp white a while ago.  Okay, it was almost a month ago.  I know that's sad.  So we've been living without light in most of the house.  We don't own a lot of lamps, so the ones we do have litter the upstairs.  Well not anymore.
Here's the first fixture almost ready to be tested out.  I'm going to take these down and paint them oil rubbed bronze in the spring so they match the rest of the fixtures.  But right now we just need light and it's not possible for me to paint in this wonderful winter sub zero weather.  So it will wait until then. 
Look at J using his manly instincts to put up that light.  So hot!  This was the easiest of the three light fixtures we put up, so he doesn't look annoyed and mad yet, but he will, oh, he will!  It's difficult doing things with an engineer, he is always telling me how stupid things are designed and made.  It can get to me sometimes.
And there it is all done.  Now we have light in our entry way.  Oh it is nice to be able to just flip a switch and there is light.
And here is the one we put up over the dining table.  Well at least that's where we plan on putting a dining table when we get one.  Someday we'll get one of those too, but right now other things are more important.  We would also like to get different light shades eventually too, but for now we're using the old ones from the last light fixture that was here.  I really like this one, but J's not happy.  It was a bitch to install and doesn't really meet the ceiling like we would like it too, so we'll be trying to figure out a new way to mount it in the future.

And here is one of our little helpers.  I don't know if she moved from the bay window the whole time we were working.  Oh wait I take that back, she did get up every time we got the tape measure out to check something.  Then it was right back to the window for prime squirrel watching.


randomcreative said...

Cats are the best helpers ever! I'll have a cat helper post on my blog later this week. All of the new accomplishments look great! I can't wait to see the paint.

TiLT said...

hey - I have those round lights too :) almost ruined the ceiling the first time I had to change the bulbs...forgot how it unscrewed :P
Looking forward to seeing the paint...the trick will be for it to be furless.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

You didn't mention before that on top of everything else, your new house has great reception for squirrel TV! You know, it's actually kind of hard to help out when there's a good program on - it keeps taking your attention away.

Three Fates said...

Thanks everyone. I think I might take this Friday off to get the paint up on the walls before the couch comes on Saturday. The pets get locked in the basement while we paint. I don't need little kitty foot prints on my hardwood floors. ;-)

Sparkle, I'll have to do a blog post on how perfect the new house is for the cats. Bay window with good squirrel watching and a 3 season porch to watch all the rest of the wildlife around here.