Friday, January 21, 2011

Holy Crap It's Friday Already!

I can't believe this week went so fast.  But I guess when it's a short week it will tend to do that.  Granted usually short weeks feel like they are taking twice as long, but I'll take a week that flies by.

Anyway, we officially have a couch on order.  That means we'll have something to sit on upstairs.  Awesome!

The brown couch with leather accents won out.  I knew it would.  We ordered an extra armless section and plan on using one of the sections as a matching chair.  I like this idea.

We went without the ottoman as seen in the picture.  It almost an extra $300.  For an ottoman, without storage.  Crazy.  We're gonna get a nice square coffee table and decide if we want to invest in an ottoman in the future.  Right now we can do without one.

We also sat down and built our own entertainment center on the Ikea website.  That way the next time we go down there we can pick up all the pieces.  Maybe we'll take a day off during the week sometime so that it's not as busy as our last trip.  And all that is left is picking out a new tv.  I'll let J do that, I don't care what it looks like, just as long as it's not a monstrosity as large as the last one.    

I hoping to get the living room painted this weekend.  I don't think we have anything planned for the weekend, so paint, paint, paint.  I want to get that beautiful Latte up on the wall.  I'm excited about it.   Lets see if  I have pictures of the paint job, if not, that means I was sadly disappointed this weekend :-(

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