Monday, January 10, 2011

What Did You Do This Weekend?

So we had a pretty boring weekend.  It's our last full weekend to get out of our old apartment, so guess what we spent the whole weekend doing?  Yup, cleaning up the old place.  I still have to find a carpet cleaners THIS WEEK, so hopefully they're not too over booked and we'll be able to make an appointment for that.

We did get J's car over to the new house.  We had it flat bedded on Sunday.  It was a lot more expensive, but J wanted it done.  He was so nervous the whole ride.  He does love that car.  I swear our car ride was silent as he watched the tow truck behind us the whole way.  He did take a break from worrying long enough to eat a giant cookie I picked up in the JC (I am going to miss the truck stop bakery.  Awesome baked goods for super cheap).  But it made it fine and now it's in our garage.  Come spring he can pick up work on it and hopefully it will run this summer.

We also hit up the SWAP store.  It's the UW surplus store here in WI.  They have all the crap that the university doesn't want anymore.  They have everything from computers to filing cabinets to lab equipment.  Then they always have something that's a little weird or funny.  It's just a huge warehouse filled up with all this crap.  And like a garage sale, you have to be willing to dig to find fantastic value.  J picked up a projector.  I guess it was a good deal; apparently it's worth $7,000 and he picked it up for $225.  I hope he's not just giving me a story to shut me up.  But he's happy with it.  He actually brought it up to the lab for a while and played with it while I took care of my cells.

Hell yeah, we own a gas mask now!
We also got these.  Yup that's a gas mask.  Why we needed a gas mask, I'm not sure, but we got one.  Just like some of the other weird stuff we have around the house, there is no intended use yet, but there might be someday (boy sounds like we could become hoarders, good thing I'm big on decluttering and getting rid of shit we don't need).  They were really cheep and just had a big bin of them.  We picked through them and found what we considered "the best" if there is such thing as "the best" gas mask.  I hope "the best" means that it saves my ass from dying the best and not just look "cool." 

We also got two of those great bags.  They are the bags that are supposed to hold the gas masks, but we just thought they were pretty cool.  I'm using mine as a purse right now.  They're cool and really seem to have a lot of history (okay I'm done describing shit as cool, even I realized how annoying that is.  God, I'm not 12).  They had riot helmets too, but we decided to pass on those.  But as I look back on it and kinda wish we would have picked up some.  Hey you never know when you'll be in the middle of a riot and need some protection, especially in a collage town.  :-)    

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