Thursday, January 20, 2011

So, what else is new?!?

Well as stated before, we had one of the most productive weekends since moving day.  We handed over the keys to our apartment, we took a trip to Ikea, we picked out furniture.  All good productive things.  Lets see, I'm sure I'm forgetting something else.  Oh yeah, J picked up one of these on Sunday. ☞

He had a $50 gift card burning a hole in his pocket for a couple months now and finally used that baby.  Not that I would have behaved much better, though I do have five gift cards right now.  Ok, that settles it, shopping trip.

Oh wait, I digress.  I was talking about J's new toy; his PS3 move.  Now I haven't tried this baby out yet, but I have spent plenty of time watching J play around with it.  It's funny watch him use it, especially the ping pong game.  But my favorite thing to do has really nothing to do with the game.  To use the game you must calibrate it.  So it shows you a screen of what the little camera sees to show you where to stand.  Well I love to hold up the pug and make her dance in the background while J's calibrating.  It's funny.  Well at least I think its funny, and I don't care if you laughed or not at that, it's funny!  Anyway, this is exactly what we need, something to distract us from getting things around the house done.  Like painting, patching a wall, and setting tile. 

And why haven't I tried out this new fangled technology?  Oh I could blame it on the fact that we only have one controller, or that it's funnier just to watch J (it is pretty funny), or that I just don't do this kind of thing.  But none of those are the reason.  It's because I pulled a muscle in my shoulder doing snow the other day.  Yes, I sometimes do the snow.  Now I thought I would just go outside and use the snow blower on the driveway and be done with it before J got home from work.  I started up the snow blower and got about 3/4 of the driveway done, so far so good.  Then I turned off the blower, moved my car, and TRIED to start up the blower again.  Only this time, it was not starting.  And not only would it not start, on one of the pulls it recoiled, yanking my arm with it.  So that damn, stupid, hell sent, piece of shit snow blower tried to rip one of my arms off.  And if that wasn't enough, I had to finish the driveway with the shovel.  Boo the snow.  I'm really starting to hate it.  So that's why I haven't tried out our Move yet.  Lets just hope the little neighbor girl (who was helping her dad shovel) didn't hear too much of what came out of my mouth when it happened.  And that's not a picture of our snow blower, I got the picture off the internets.  Our snow blower looks much, much more evil.  I think it has teeth and devil horns.   

Little added story.  Last night J looked at me and and said, "boy my arm hurts a little bit." (as he rubbed it).  "Why?"  And what was his reply, "I think that I played way to much ping pong last night.  That Move really gives you a bit of a work out."  Oh I'm sorry, I'm supposed to feel sorry for you because you're arm hurts because you played too many video games?  Oh poor baby, why don't you sit down, let me make you a nice dinner, and I'll nurse you're poor hurt arm back to health.  Meanwhile, the shooting pain down my arm is making it difficult for me to raise my right (the most used) arm above my shoulder.  Men!!!  Don't worry the pain has almost completely subsided in my arm, thank god, I really thought I seriously hurt something.

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