Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lookie what I made last night!

I actually made caramels last night.  I've been saying I was going to do it for a long time now.  I even went to the store and made sure I had everything I needed.  My plan was to make some over the Christmas holiday, but that never happened.  I'm not sure why though.  Maybe I was a little scared at the idea of making something like this.  But I shouldn't have been, they were soooooo easy.  And thanks to my trusty candy thermometer (I use that baby to also make homemade marshmallows), they turned out great.

These are my super soft squishy caramels.  I have a second recipe that should make a little bit more firm caramel that  I will be trying this weekend.  I can't wait to make more.

I'm not joking, these were some of the easiest things I've ever made.  If you can boil crap and read numbers, you can make caramels.

My wrapping could use some improvement, but who the hell cares what the wrapper looks like, you know all you care about is the yummy caramel goodness inside anyway.  Maybe I'll get better at wrapping them as I make some more.  I'm sure J will definitely need want some more.

And yes I made these last night instead of working on my studio.  I had this master plan to go and get things organized so I could paint in there and I was lured away by caramels.  But J did make a lot of progress on his band studio downstairs.  They got the drywall up on one wall and now just need to replace the other two walls.  I'll try and get some pictures tonight.

We're also almost completely out of our old apartment.  No more apartment living for us, we're homeowners now!!!  J and a friend (with a truck) are going to go pick up his hood and tool box.  Then I have to go watch them clean the carpets tomorrow morning (can't wait (sarcasm)).  Then good bye crappy apartment and good bye JC forever (unless I need to go to the outlet mall). 


Lynne said...

Hey, when it comes to carmels, I agree, who the hell cares about the wrapper! They look delicious!

Three Fates said...

Thanks Lynne, that's how I felt, who cares about the wrapper ;-)