Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What A Productive Weekend!

I think that this weekend was the most productive weekend we've had since our actual moving day.  I mean moving day was probably the most productive thinking we moved 90% of our crap that day.  But I guess it's hard to be productive when you're laying on the couch thinking you might die and wishing you remembered how food tasted.  But we're both past that and now with us feeling much better, the productivity is flowing.

Saturday was our last day in the apartment in JC.  We handed over our keys and talked to our landlords longer then we ever have in the four years we've lived there.  That went as well as it could have gone.  I'm just glad we're out of there.

We also headed to the Windy City.  Well not really Chicago, but Schaumburg.  Hey, that's where Ikea is!  We went down with some friends and their kids, which was fun.  We didn't get any furniture, but we looked at a few entertainment centers and decided on a finish.  We also picked up the taller legs for the bed (so we can have storage underneath) and a new duvet cover, YAY!  As well as some kitchen crap and all our beautiful stainless steal bathroom accessories.  And then I got my Chicago style pizza before we headed home.  Awesome.

Finalist #1 - Imagine in a nice cream color and dome arms!
Then we finally made it to the furniture store on Sunday.  I know, we've lived in our home for almost two months now, what were we waiting for?  Well we've been busy and sick, don't judge me and me empty living room.

But anyway, the sales person that helped us was super nice.  Which is the main reason I don't normally like the furniture store, they can be so pushy.  Luckily she was super friendly and actually listed to what we were looking for.  She showed us a few couches that would work with our room and we narrowed it down to two.

The first is the one on the right.  But not in the bright red, a red couch is fine and all, but would never go in our living room.  Imagine it in a nice cream color (see picture on the left).  We liked the fabric because it was soft, yet still wouldn't attract as much pet hair.  Though we've pretty much come to the conclusion that pet hair is a thing we must live with and we'll have to clean it off everything we own, so suck it up!

This couch was the smaller of the two.  And by smaller, I mean small for a sectional.  And that's what we're looking for a nice comfy sectional that will be inviting to our friends and family when they come over.  I love our basement current couch, but with the built in chase, it's not all the inviting when we have guests.  So more seating is what we're looking for.   

Finalist #2 - This color and setup!
The second couch is a little bit larger and is a nice dark brown with dark leather accents.  It's very plush and I can see us cuddled up up on it passed out watching a movie.  And when I pass out at night (which I may or may not do), there will still be plenty of room for J to sit.  Our last couch allowed no extra person to sit once I had fallen asleep.  The color will go well with the rest of the living room and we think it had a little bit more of a quality look to it.

We have pretty much decided on couch #2.  This is the one I picked out online and I loved it just as much in person.  It was nice, even if it was a bit larger then I wanted.  But the furniture store woman told me an average walkway is 3 feet and with this couch we'll have more then 3 feet, so I guess it will fit fine.  We keep going back and forth if we should get the ottoman.  It's not included and it's a bit pricey, but it would be nice to have one.  We'll have to decide soon, the sale is over this Wednesday.  

The other plus of the second couch is that it's in stock and not a special order like the first one.  That's awesome because then I don't have to wait a month or two to get a couch upstairs.  WooHoo.  I'll let you all know which one made the final cut (hint: it's gonna be the second one). 

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