Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ikea Here We Come!

So our first trip to Ikea as homeowners is planned!!!!  I'm so excited about this.  We haven't been to Ikea in ages.  I really did wish there was one that was closer, but I guess the plans to build one in Milwaukee fell through years ago and well with the way Milwaukee's economy is, I highly doubt there will be one built anytime soon.  So we're off to Illinois.  It's not this weekend, but next.  I know booo.  I wish it was this weekend.  My list is extremely long and I need to get my fix of crazy Swedish shit.

Do you know you can make shopping lists on their website to take with you on your next visit?  Crazy.  That's gonna help us navigate the three floors of crazy people and home goods.  The problem with that is I just keep perusing the website and adding things to my list.  What's wrong with me, it's like I seriously have an addiction to that place or something.

I have the crap we pick up every time we go there, like tea lights.  You get a bag of I think it's a billion, yeah I'm pretty sure a billion, tea lights for only a couple of bucks.  Awesome.  If you know me, you know one of my other addiction is candles and candle holders.  So a bag of a billion tea lights, awesome.  I'm also addicted to buying sheets, blankets, and towels.  As well as socks.  And well I'm also addicted to buying beads and glass.  And vases and vessels of any kind.  Okay, I think you get the picture, I'll stop now.             

We also have some stuff that we desperately need for the house.  Our kitchen has a built in china hutch and a little breakfast nook counter.  These two things are nice, but they take up what could be counter space.  A whole wall of the kitchen is practically unused.  So we're taking them out, but we don't really want to redo the kitchen right now.  We figured we would wait a few years before diving in to a project that large.  We have enough on our plate right now.  We're looking at getting some sort of cart or table to put on that wall.  Something that would serve as more storage as well as more counter space so I can put all my awesome kitchen gadgets (and yes I use the majority of my kitchen gadgets all the time).  Well Ikea has these things they call free standing kitchens.  I guess they're just kitchen cabinets that are on legs not built in.  I'm not sure, but anywho, they have this one.  It's plain and simple.  We could stain or paint it to match the kitchen and it will add the storage and counter top space we're looking for.  The best thing is the price.  It's super cheap compared to anything else we've looked at.  Do you know how much free standing islands cost?  It's crazy, even the one's Ikea has to offer.  We though about making something ourselves, but for this price, we're probably just going to get it.  I will be so happy when my kitchen gadgets have their own place (right now we have them lined up in a row on the counters).

I also have a bunch of little kitchen crap on my list and a crazy iron holder for the laundry room downstairs.  I have to admit, some of the stuff on my list is there just because it's crazy and I want to see it in person (have you seen some of there crazy lights).  I'm just happy we're going soon so we can start making the house a little bit more like a home then an abandoned shack.

And best of all, I get me some pizza.  Hell yeah!!  I plan my trips to Chicagoland around food.  No matter what we're going there for, I always plan out where we're going to eat first.  And some deep dish pizza will make me happy.  My mom is always suggesting new places to add to my list of 'must eat at'.  But she goes down there more then I do lately.  Boy I always seem to miss home when I start talking food.  I just need to remind myself that in a week and a half I'll be getting my Ikea fix during the day and then my deep dish fix at night.  Oh such a gluttonous weekend we have planned.              

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